So *This* Is What The Politicians Want To Withhold?

I have been in the US for 6 years now and never went to a non Indian wedding. And boy did I bitch about it! Until recently that is. The Universe did me good. Was invited to a firaangaysi wedding. Two lovely women(both non Indian) were having a commitment ceremony and a party later on.

It was a bright sunshiny afternoon- warm with a cool breeze. The guests gathered as the lovely ladies promised to love and cherish each other as they exchanged rings. The party continued as the guests drank beer, barbecued, laughed, ate, and mingled. As I enjoyed this lovely festivities, the non drama filled, so unIndian shaadi I couldn’t help but wonder how is someone’s happiness a threat to the moral fabric of society? How the hell is happiness, joy, commitment and the desire to be with someone you love unnatural? And yet somehow sniping, rage, jealousy, boredom, mundaneness that define so many hetero unions is normal?(I don’t mean all obviously)
We are most afraid/wary of what we don’t understand. Of course we could try to educate ourselves, talk to people, read blogs or at the very least have an open mind and embrace diversity. Or we can promote a fear culture, call names, link unrelated things(homosexuality and pedophilia/bestiality for eg) or put everything under the vast umbrella of against out culture/western import and sweep it under the rug. Everybody wants the easy way. Hey, here’s another thought- let’s all be exactly like each other. But wait a minute! Who’s the prototype?
These are some pictures from that day. Wish I could capture the love and best wishes the air was so thick with. Until such a camera is invented enjoy:
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