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Editor’s Note: We’re happy to welcome yet another new member to the GaysiFamily. The Speaking Stree is a counselling psychotherapist working with one of the well known LGBTQ NGO in India.  

You can e-mail your questions to speaking.stree@gmail.com ( or via Gaysi Contact Form) and she will respond to you via the Gaysi Family website.

I did not “realise” that I was bisexual till I was 21 years old. One fine day, on a beautiful sunny morning and after a night of peaceful sleep, I decided that it was time to face my inner demons and accept myself and my “other side”. I was done waiting for “the phase to end”, and the only way to feel better about myself was accepting that I was also attracted to women. “I like women”– I repeated this to myself a couple of times, and suddenly, the air felt crisper, the oxygen – headier, and for the next few moments, I felt weightless like as if someone had lifted some crazy burden off my frame. Just for a few moments. Then, I was hit by my next thought: how do I explain this to my (then) boyfriend?

That was the question that triggered my journey into the” queer” world.  What started off as an “excursion to understand myself” soon launched into a full-fledged tour that took newer detours. And along then came The Queer People of all shapes, sizes, colours, ethnicities, genders – EVERYTHING. Some loving, some supporting, some caring, some gyaan-giving, the others not as much. And in spite of the differences, I felt right at home. It’s been a good four years of “being around”, now. Reaching out, just the way some beautiful souls did when I needed someone to speak to! So, if you wish to reach out and speak, The Stree is right here – as a peer, as a shoulder, and as someone who might have possibly walked in the same (pinching) shoes as you. I may not have all the solutions, answers, remedies, et al to your queries, but I assure you a full listening ear while you speak! So do email me on speaking.stree@gmail.com and I will answer your emails, with queries posted anonymously on Gaysi, on a regular basis! And of course, your name (if revealed), email, references to any individuals shall be carried with me to the grave!

So much for now!  The Stree looks forward to your emails!

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In another world, she would have been a history teacher. Or a butterfly chaser (the REAL winged ones, mind it). But in this one, she is holds a public health degree in HIV AIDS and STI medicine, and works as a researcher with a community-based organization. When she isn’t engrossed in the ickies and scratchies of the nether regions, she travels. And reads. And dreams. And cooks. She identifies as a bisexual woman and is on a continued journey filled with experiences –first hand and borrowed—on understanding what it means to be a Queer Desi. She also listens and she’d love to hear from you if there is anything particularly difficult that you are going through in your life. She will respond to your questions, queries, concerns, dilemmas, mundane chatter, anything really, on the Gaysi Family blog. So, holler on speaking.stree@gmail.com, and The Stree shalt speaketh!

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