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It’s always great to have support from fellow gaysis, but that’s something we can and should take for granted. The support from the straight community is harder to come by. This is not necessarily because they’re homophobic. It’s usually much less malicious than that – they don’t realise how much discrimination and prejudice we face and so don’t really care.

So it always makes my day when straight supporters (Hello there, IdeaSmith & Cathartist & La Vida Loca – sorry if I’ve forgotten to mention other straight supporters here.) take the time to be part of our community, to voice their support & to speak up against the prejudice.

I got an email from someone called Ashwini a few minutes ago & wanted to share it with all of you. I hope it makes you as happy as it made me. (Thanks Ashwini.)

I am a straight person and I do not claim to have many LGBT friends or anything of the sort. By virtue of being human and living on this earth, I support, love, respect, appreciate and applaud all the struggle that you put into this cause…

It is unthinkable that any outside law or agency or power can dictate how two people – “consenting adults” should show their feelings for each other. It is appalling that in our time, this, the 21st century, we are still caught in a social stranglehold that, among other things, is so homophobic. It is tragic at how many different levels we allow injustice and trauma to be brought upon our fellow human beings – ethnicity, economics, nationality, religion, sexuality…..

Its time we woke up and embraced each other and celebrated our differences. It is time we put to good use our collective conscious energy for something far more creative than having to fight each other for our basic and fundamental human rights….

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