Stuck Like Glue

*Warm fuzzies* Cuddling gives me that. You know that feeling of being all cute inside. I adore cuddling. Its all about the Big ‘O’…. Oxytocin (Gotcha!) You gotta admit, sometimes …actually many times it beats sex.

Now, I am not known as an affectionate person. Strangers have been warned by others not to attempt hugging me randomly. I kiss family. Sure, I hug friends. But these folks have been around for large chunks of my life and I truly love them. Since hugs are the new handshakes, I engage in some of that hogwash as well. However, I am a cuddler. You and me be canoodling? There gonna be some cuddling there. I even go to sleep every night cuddled so deeply against a giant pillow underneath a comforter that it would be hard to tell the three things apart [Well, the other two would be white. And I am brown. But lets not make racial distinctions here] Lets be honest, most adults aren’t as cute as babies. Some of them are ridiculously bony and hugging them may cause you bodily harm. Forget cuddling! [Ladies, choose your girlfriends wisely – Thin does not necessarily equal pleasant. No offense to those genetically inclined that way. Its like being short. Not much you can do about it. So work around it, you skeletons. Wear a sumo suit. ] Others you eye warily because your 7th instinct [ It’s a special one all queer people have. Don’t confuse this with gaydar] tells you might catch the cooties if you go any closer. But at the end of the day, we all crave to hold and be held, to snuggle and be snuggled, to nuzzle and be nuzzled, to make indecipherable noises that truly don’t sound remotely cute but hormones, pheromones and all that good stuff evidently affects our hearing and we continue to make them anyway muffled in necks, cheeks…bosoms…*warm fuzzies* …sigh!

I can count the number of times I’ve been well and truly cuddled in my life. Both because it was that rare and that good! What did I enjoy about cuddling? The wide range of possibilities with no end goal. I liked that “She” [because pronouns are the new names. Get with the program!] and I could do anything – talk, kiss, nuzzle, hug – for however long we liked and it was just about how good she felt in my arms and I in hers. Sometimes her soft skin fascinated me, sometimes the hollow of her neck where I could spend hours burrowed or sometimes, it was the fact that her arms were around me holding me and that was what I needed at that time. If she made noises, even better! Cutesy-ness is very becoming during cuddling. Highly recommended. All soppiness is fair game when two people have their bodies pressed against each other for the greater good. With clothes on, cuddling is wonderful. Naked ? By god, I could’ve died and gone to heaven [Yes, Yes I would have gone up, not down. Unless its a lady. ] There’s something about matching body temperatures that makes the cuddling experience so much more worthy.

The one and only time I envy people in relationships ? – because they have an on-demand warm body to cuddle [ I could be entirely wrong about this! Speak out you happily trysting two-somes…or n-somes, I don’t judge *giggle*]

“I’m feeling down!” Snap ! Cuddle-bunny to the rescue!

“I wanna watch a movie and don’t know where to put my hands” Snap! Cuddle-bunny knows where to warm them up!

“I’m bored!” Snap! Wanna cuddle cuddle-bunny?

“I just want your clothes off!” Snap! Foreplay is the new cuddling to cuddle-bunny!

You get the drift.

As I write this, Winter is coming [sadface] Its gonna be brutally cold and windy and snow shall fall like no tomorrow [sadder face] Temperatures will hit minus twenty eight degrees (-28) on some days and on other days, it will be pleasant [ that’s minus 15 degrees]. And having been through a couple of these winters already, let me tell you –I’d give anything for a warm body to cozy up to. So here is a standing invitation, if any gorgeous gaysiness is swinging by my town, stop by. You and me baby, we be stuck like glue ? 😀

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