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Dear Readers,

We at Gaysi are most excited to announce that we are going into production for the next edition of The Gaysi Zine! However, to make this edition a reality, we require your love and support.

This edition promises to be full of graphic stories ( i.e. fiction, cartoon, comic strips, true stories and illustrations). The core idea behind a Queer Graphic Anthology is to create a creative platform and take the voices of art (written + visual) far and wide.

While the queer community might initiate The Gaysi Zine, it is not specifically for the queer community. It’s intent is to share queer stories with everyone in all kinds of spaces. Private, public, straight, queer, local, global, tolerant, homophobic – it’s meant to be read by everyone.

We all grew up reading graphic narratives and knowing how important and special they are. They have the power to evoke emotions and imagery that open a million new possibilities. Graphic is not bound by language, and that is essentially what being Queer is to us. Unbound, Unabashed, Unapologetic.

We are embarking on a journey to create a Queer Graphic Anthology, and we believe that you should be a part of this little piece of history.

We have 45 days to raise Rs.200000!

Fund our The Gaysi Zine – Queer Graphic Anthology Campaign and feed our neurotic need to create!


Team Gaysi

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