Switzerland Embraces Same Sex Marriage; Allows For Adoption As Well

Switzerland recently became one the last few countries in Western Europe to embrace the movement and recognize same-sex marriage.

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In a resounding vote that came up to nearly two-thirds of the country voting in favour of the proposal, the small and mountainous nation made history, as at the same time, it also allowed same sex couples to adopt, a right which is denied to the queer community in many other nations across the world.

Switzerland’s “Yes Campaign”, spearheaded by Antonia Hausworth, was marred by years of controversy, and was considered a stain on the country’s supposedly progressive government. With the passing of the law; for which 64.1% of the voters voted yes, this campaign, which covered topics from civil liberties to immigration, is finally over, and a major roadblock in the path of LGBTQIA+ rights in Switzerland has been achieved.

The newly-minted law includes:

  • the provision for non-hetero couples can adopt children
  • to get married in civil ceremonies
  • allows (married) lesbian couples access to sperm donations, which was a majorly contested detail

The right wing opposition has voiced complaints, stating that the result is a “loss for families and children in the country”. They did not elaborate on the statement, however, likely because they did not have a coherent opposition to it beyond bigotry.

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Even though this is a milestone, it is solely the achievement of queer activists in the country. To change the mind of a whole nation is not an easy task, and yet, they succeeded. According to Olga Baranova, the verdict “reflects the change of mentality over the last 20 years. It is really the reflection of a very broad and very important acceptance of LGBT people in society”.

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