That’s SO Gaysi : Ram Avatar

When I first went back to India after living abroad, it struck me how affectionate men were with one another in India. I know it’s a sweeping generalization to say that a majority of Indian men are homophobic, but also sadly quite true – so it’s all the more ironic how their behaviour towards each other borders on being homoerotic, almost.

So let’s start a weekly series of Bollywood songs with our heroes professing undying ‘friendship’ for their male friend.

(It’s all very tongue in cheek so please keep your outrage & offence in check.)

Let’s kick off the series with the title song from ‘Ram Avatar’. It’s perfect with slow motion runs towards each other, long lingering embraces, romantic violin playing, longing gazes towards each other, rolling down the hills in an embrace (yes, really) & some almost there kisses… Perfect!

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