The 7 1/2 Habits of Highly Effective Queers

Habit 1

HEQ’s are Social Primates. They love to stick their heads into groups of people – Communities, clubs, pot lucks, bowling leagues, protests, blogs and skype chats about celebrities and their dirty laundry.

Habit 2

They recognize that diversity is the rule of the earth. HEQ’s believe in a human family that doesn’t discriminate between caste, creed, religion, gender or sexual relationships. They experience an entire spectrum of emotions and feelings in their relationships with each other and with nature as a whole.

Habit 3

HEQ’s choose to connect with their true selves. They nourish their spirits by accepting who they are. They try to live purposefully, be of service to their community and exercise compassion. When they are not too busy connecting, they engage in clownish role-play.

Habit 4

They display courage despite rejection from the people they love. HEQ’s celebrate the journey of overcoming fear and doubt, of telling the truth in the face of strong opposition, of affirming the goodness of an individual’s experience, of learning to rely on the voice of goodness within rather than the clamor of the external world. (Some are even hermits who have denounced Osho and embraced the idea that true God is true Love.)

Habit 5

HEQ’s are curious about…things that vibrate, deep space and black holes, words that rhyme, coming out stories and erotica. They are just very curious in general.

Habit 6

HEQ’s refrain from believing they live a life buried in Sin. They recognize that sometimes they are made to feel inferior in some way by a powerful and imposing hierarchical structure and will either laugh it off, voice their opinions or stand their ground. HEQ’s are never content to stay on the level of mere observance, ritual, and dogmatic belief.

Habit 7

Highly Creative. It’s evident in their sense of style, choice of hair gel, interest in the arts and the exercise of sexual practice. They have an innate desire to ‘do’ whatever comes naturally to them and believe that to make love is to make laughter happen.

Habit 7.5

HEQ’s like to get one thing straight – they are not cozy about being defined by their queerness. They are highly effective at envisioning a world outside of restrictive labels.

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