The Gaysi Zine Crowdfunding Update

Warning: This is going to be one of those exclamations-in-bulk posts. Holy Mother of Madonna! We raised 1,01,002 1,04,702 1,26,902 rupaiyyas people! Pat yourselves on the back if you have donated to our Wishberry campaign. Also, smooches in bulk from The Editor of Gaysi Zine. You are helping us put out great stories. Thank you!

And to those who have not donated, come on folks! Send us some sugar, gorgeous people around the world. Crowdfunding this campaign ensures that more people gauge the power and impact of queer stories. You will connect with these stories. You will remember them, recollect them, and then read them over and over again. We have until September 2nd to raise our target amount. So, loosen your purse strings and donate lovely people! Make our rainbow dreams come true.

Also, taking this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us raise the funds so far!

Seema Phanse, Anshuman Das, Sonia Michael, Namrata Bajaj, Raconteur 123, Manish Kumar, Hannah Cook, Neha Toteja, Rishita Nandagiri, Aditya Gupte, Beena Noronha, Shruta Neytra, Jyot Chadha, Praful Baweja, Neha Kulkarni, Baiju Dharmajan, Sonia Michael, Arti, Priya Arora, Flien Rebello, Sharmistha Ray, Neha Dara, Abha Talesara, Aarti Joshi, Harish Iyer, Vinodh Philip, Sibi Mathen, Arzan Wadia, Poornima Josyula, Kanishka Chaudhry, Megha Kaushik, Jenaba Faye, Deepa Jhaveri, Nikita Kulkarni & Nirali Rathi.


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