The Gaysi Zine Edition 3 Is HERE! : Pre Order NOW!

It is no longer hard to believe how awesome we queer folks are! Despite all odds, we battled the forces of evil (not quite, but you get our gist *sly smile*) to pull out an awesome edition of The Gaysi Zine – Thanks to ALL OF YOU OUT THERE. Mwah mwah mwah.

I am holding a hot copy of The Gaysi Zine edition 3, just out of a printing press, and I have only one question to ask, “Are we awesome or are we awesome?”

The thing is, the Zine is finally ready and breathing in our hands and we cannot stop falling in love with this baby over and over again. Incidentally, this is also our Birthday month. We turn six years old on November 27. The Zine is the rainbow sparkles and icing on our cupcake. There can be no better way to celebrate this joyride.

This edition is very exciting because it contains gorgeous pictures, heart-breakingly incredible sketches, timelessly beautiful love letters, and echoes honest stories of people who once lived in the margins but are now openly celebrating their queer relationships, thoughts and politics.

You would notice raw tenderness in these pages, not-to-be-taken-for-granted kind of love, and thoughtful lens on the queer Indian life.

This time around, we chose to do the Zine in Black and White, adding an element of timelessness; to remind us that queerness has always been the single most immutable presence in this world.

The Zine would be released on November 15th, but those of you who cannot wait to grab a copy – we are delighted to tell you that you can preorder a copy (or more) and get Rs.20 off (actual price being Rs. 150), with free delivery.

Birthday Month Love it is! So Pre Book & Pay now by clicking on the link below:

Or go here!

For International Delivery :

So please write to us at with the subject line ‘Booking The Gaysi Zine – mention the number of copies’, and we will take it forward from there. In our humble opinion, this edition is by far the best we have been able to achieve and trust us – it’s a great gift for your friends, special someone(s), parents, uncles, and colleagues. So do order more copies and spread the glorious queer tales around us all. I hope we get to keep giving you wonderful stories to connect with. Let the gay world ring with good cheer.

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The Gaysi Zine Edition 3 Preview Sample


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