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We love stories so much – especially Graphic stories. The mad passion behind street graffiti, graphic stories, comics, funny infographics, illustrations, doodles, and sketchnotes is compelling and makes one want to spend endless amount of time watching them.

Do you love the idea of being anecdotal – through pencils, pens and art board? Do you believe that there’s so much more one can do through graphic storytelling that one can’t do with words alone? Are colours, and charcoal your weakness? Do you have an original tale to tell?

The act of making art – experiencing it – letting it stream through the lies and truths of our lives can be very exhilarating, mind numbing and queer. For anything is possible in the world of colourful imaginations.

If you have it in you, its time to show and tell all…The fourth edition of the Gaysi Zine is kicking off, and we are excited to share this creative space with you and other creative artists. After all, its not with everyone that we can get silly with! wink

The genre can be anything – adventure, Super heroes, legends, fantasy, memoirs, comedy, horror, fairy tales, social issues, mythology, religion, biography, science fiction, crime and mysteries, and nonfiction!!

The non-fiction pieces can be as experimental as the artist wishes them to be. It can be an ode to life’s moments of making friendships, waiting and longing, dealing with loss and loneliness, redemptive power to love, celebration of family ties and everything in between.

If you got an idea that’s got your heart racing, share it with us and let’s take it to the ink and paper. Make it timeless and ageless – and share it with the thousands of Gaysi readers and friends.

Deadline to share the idea and a rough sketch of it is July 31st 23rd August 30th August send in complete story with artwork is 30th September. The zine goes in print in October November. So, shall we hurry up and write to gaysifamily[at]gmail[dot]com? 

There are only a few rules :

No homophobia/transphobia/misogyny
No duplicate or plagiarised content. Your work must be 100% original.
There are no rules to your imaginations.

Write to us, and we will share all the technical specs and show you the billboard size panels you could colour as you fancy.

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