The Gaysi Zine Issue 06: Guidelines For The Submissions

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1. Only original and unpublished work will be considered.

2. The issue is multi-lingual, which means you can send us your stories in any regional language you prefer. We shall get it translated and print it along with the original.

3. We are looking for memoirs, fiction, non-fiction, erotica, essays, poetry, illustrations, photo essays, art, graphic stories, scribbles, notes, quotes, journal entries, love letters and scripts around the theme of Lesbianism.

4. If you think you are not a good storyteller or can’t write well, you can record your story on your phone and send us. We shall transcribe it.

5. We tend to favor personal writing, but we’re also looking for provocative pieces on history, identity politics, media representations, and culture.

6. The maximum word limit is 4,000 words; there is no minimum length.

7. To help us gauge your idea better, we suggest you send in an abstract of the article that you are proposing. It should include a thorough outline that introduces your piece proposal and highlights each point you intend to make. Your abstract should discuss how the article will benefit our readers, and why the topic is appropriate for the theme.

8. You can write under a pseudonym. We do not distinguish between a real name and a pseudonym.

9. We prefer to receive Word documents (and not pdf)

10. For all visual submissions, please send in the below details.
a. Title of piece – (type title here)
b. Nature of piece – (graphic narrative, photo-illustration, photo series, collage etc.)
c. Brief overview – (a summary on the concept and what the piece aims to achieve)
d. Piece breakdown – (in order to gauge how the concept will be expressed, please provide a few details such as the sequence of panels, or quick key points that it’ll cover.)
e. Colour – (B&W/4-colour etc.)
f. A little about yourself – (A brief bio, along with social media links)

11. All visual content is to be designed to a 22cm W X 27.7cm H canvas, either flushed to edge or with a 1cm border from the edge, depending on preference.

12. All visuals are to be provided with a 5mm bleed beyond the original canvas size, on all sides. We’d also recommend a leeway of 1.5 cm on either width side of the canvas, in case we need to use it for the spine sink, so that the original visual remains undisturbed.

13. Photo essays and photographic series will be laid out by us in the zine and then shared with the respective author for finalisation.

14. All visual content is to have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI, submitted in any of the following formats – .AI / .PSD /. TIFF / high-resolution editable print PDF. No Jpegs, PNGs, EPS or CorelDraw files.

15. Any content that is even mildly offensive or in any form derogatory to the LGBTQIA+ community will not be considered.

16. Due to the volume of queries and submissions normally received, do allow us 2 weeks to respond from the date of receipt.


17. The copyright of the work will lie with you and you can republish the work at a later date once the zine is released in January 2018.

18. We offer reimbursements to all the contributors.

19. Contributor copies are sent to writers and artists whose work appears in that issue.

Proposals should be submitted to gaysifamily[at] with the subject line ‘The Gaysi Zine Issue 06’. We thank everyone for their interest in The Gaysi Zine.

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