The “L” Word (My Story)

All my life I wrote about boys
But I looked at girls a certain way
Boys, I dated, yes, I did
But only girls managed to take my breath away

When I was young, I did not know
What all this was called
My heart would race, my flushing face
I would be so aroused

What is wrong with me, I would think
Why do I look at her like that?
I have a boyfriend, so loving
But what I have with my best friend is so mad

It was our dirty little secret
But it seemed pure to her and me
We knew in society, we were rejects
The “L” Word, we were supposed to be

I’d heard it was unnatural
But it was so easy for me
If it wasn’t natural
Then how could it be?

I grew up as my first girl left
And I thought it was a phase
I was sad a bit, yet relieved
As the world made me feel ashamed

But even then, no matter how much I controlled
I couldn’t change myself
My heart would race, my flushing face
Nothing I did would help

One fine day, I was kissed
And then there was no turning back
My boyfriend, I would ditch
To get with the girls, in the sack

It filled me up
What content!
It lifted me
I couldn’t pretend

This was me
And this was how I wanted to be
I knew it! I knew it! I knew it so well!
I knew I was a Lesbian, so young, wild and free!

And then there is today.
Today, I’m the luckiest girl alive.
Because today, I’m in love.
I’m in love with my beautiful future bride.

There is nothing more real
Than the way I currently feel
And it’s hard to believe
But she is the air I breathe.

I am a Lesbian.
And this is my story.
But if you’d see,
No one really knows me.

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