The Logical Indian Goes Rainbow

The Logical Indian (TLI) is a recent inspiring entity fostering an inclusive culture in their organisation. Which simply means that they want people across gender expressions, sexual orientations, marital status, and abilities to join their community and bring forth stories of social relevance.

Does that have you interested? Below is an excerpt from the little chat Gaysi had with TLI’s campaign manager Mohit Rai on its inclusive policies, and more.


Q. Tell us a bit about the brand The Logical Indian.

A: The Logical Indian is an alternate media platform and a mission-driven community. We strive to draw people’s attention to news and issues that truly matter.

Started in December 2013, The Logical Indian is now a respected community of 5 million strong and passionate members.

Q. What made TLI make the decision to include LGBTQ identifying in your workforce?

A: At TLI we have been always advocating equal rights. Now when we are expanding, we believe it’s the time to walk the talk.

We want to provide equal opportunities to everyone including the LGBTQ community. We want the best minds to come together and that has nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation, caste or religion.

Trademark BlueQ. Some may call this move of yours simply a PR gimmick to present an inclusive image. What do you have to say in response that? And can you tell us what existing non-discriminatory/harassment policies exist at TLI?

A: That’s the reason we aren’t disclosing the fact that we are hiring people from the LGBT community. We don’t want to announce the opportunities for job placement. We want to do the recruitment internally with the help of partners like Gaysi.

We may think of disclosing this after a period of 1 or 2 years just to encourage other businesses to build an inclusive workforce and provide equal opportunities to everyone.

(Please note: As mentioned above, the candidates we hire should allow us to disclose their identity publicly.)

As a startup, we still don’t have the non-discriminatory/harassment policies documented; but we are in a process of documenting it and it will all be formulated before moving into our new office.

However, we do take extreme precautions and responses in terms of discrimination and harassment of all sorts.

Q. Do you plan on having a LGBT network/support group in place at TLI in the near future?

A: Yes, we do have such plans.

Q. Tell us about current vacancies at TLI. And how could interested candidates get in touch with you?

A: We have openings for the following positions:

Video Presenter: 

The video presenter will be required to present videos/news in front of the camera for our video shows. (Reference)

Social Media Manager: 

Social Media Manager would be required to manage all the social media handles and lead a team of social media associates. Leadership quality is an add-on.

Anyone interested can reach us at work@thelogicalindian.comwith their resumes/portfolios. 

Q. List 5 guaranteed madness (fun stuff) a person will experience when they join the TLI Family. 

A: Yes we are crazy and fun is an integral part of our daily task. As of now, we are working from a home-cum-office setup, and all our work and fun activities go hand-in-hand.

We will be moving out to a bigger office space next month and there we plan to have fun activities, sessions by life coaches, leadership and personality development skills, acts by stand-up comedians etc.


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