The Memory Of A Face : Chapter Five

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Dating Blind

Oliver’s cell phone buzzed. It was Priscilla.

“Hey, beautiful.” He broke into a grin.

“All set from my side. I’ll bring her there. Is Energy with you?”

“He’s in the washroom. I’ll let him know.”

“Okay. I told Agnes you had called and invited her to join us for dinner. She’s game.”

“Cool. Follow our plan. I’ve got to go now. He’s back.” Oliver waved at Energy.

“Priscilla just called.” Oliver informed him after Energy had joined him.

“Oh.” Energy seemed surprised. “Is everything okay?”

“She’s in Tsim Sha Tsui and coming over to join us for dinner.” Oliver pretended to look innocent.


“She’s just finished shopping with her friend. Well, the friend is coming with her too.” Oliver held his breath.


“Are you okay with that?”

“Is she good-looking? I’m afraid I don’t quite look presentable, maybe?” Energy asked.

“You look okay lah.”

“Is she good-looking? Is she my type?”

“Er…I’m not sure if any local girl can fit your requirements.”

“Why? I just want a girl who is intelligent, pretty, sweet, and has big…you know!” Energy cupped his hands and held them in front of his chest.

“Yes, yes. I’m aware of your dream specifications. Please! We’re in a public place.” Oliver looked around to see if anybody had seen Energy’s gestures.

“But it’s so unfair. I find somebody’s eyes pretty, while somebody else have beautiful legs, and yet another one has lovely hair. Why can I not find everything I love in one girl?”

“You do realize your requirements are a bit high? No girl can meet them all on her own. Have pity on them.” Oliver wanted to change the topic. “And we’re just having a meal. I don’t have any plans of hanging out late tonight. I have to wake up early to make it to the 8.30 a.m. meeting.”

“Me too,” said Energy. “I wanna look inside.” He pointed towards the Broadway electronics shop.


Priscilla spotted Agnes step out of the fitting room and strike a pose. She walked over.

“You look pretty.” She encouraged Agnes. “Try another colour?”

“Do you think the blue one’s better than the green one?”

“Well. Try them both on. Let’s see how they suit you,” said Priscilla, walking to another rack.

When Agnes emerged again, she walked back to her.

“Yes, go for the blue one,” said Priscilla, hoping Agnes would make up her mind soon.

“Yes. I feel this one’s better.” Agnes proceeded towards the payment counter.

“By the way, Oliver called to say one of his friends would be joining us for dinner. I hope you’re okay with that?”

“A friend?”

“His name’s Energy.”

“Energy? High or low?” Agnes laughed.

“Lo. Energy Lo. Do you know him?” Priscilla was surprised.

“Just guessed lah. Is he good-looking? That wouldn’t matter much if he’s low on energy.” Agnes laughed again.

“He’s a nice guy, very high on energy. He does a lot of sports. In fact, both of them play gym often…almost every other day.” Priscilla felt unhappy. The gym was a sensitive area in their relationship. Oliver could live without her but not the gym.

“Well, that explains the low energy. I’m done here. Are you sure you don’t want that red top? It looked pretty on you.”

Priscilla shook her head.

They walked to Nathan Road. It was easier to flag a cab from near the Chung King Mansions, which was on the quickest route to Elements. As usual, there were many South Asian men peddling bargain watches. The girls tried to dodge them, but it was impossible to avoid others who pushed visiting cards into their hands. They worked for various restaurants in the historic building. It was very irritating but Priscilla was scared to say anything. Not a single policeman was in sight. So she tried to smile and walk on.

“Have you been in there?” She asked Agnes.

“The Chung King Mansions?”

“Yes.” Priscilla tried not to look inside the building.

“I’ve been here a few times for curry.” Agnes smiled. “It looks like it’s been renovated. I heard security is better now although I fail to imagine how. Somehow it looks less like it did in the old movies.”

Priscilla knew Agnes was referring to Wong Kar-wai’s Chung King Express and Fallen Angels. They were both big fans.

They managed to find a cab and climbed in.

“Am I looking okay?” said Agnes, powdering up her nose.

“You look gorgeous tonight.”

Agnes looked pretty. She was in a black dress that hid a few pounds. But the makeup could not hide the round shape of her face. Priscilla had heard of Energy’s high standards and worried if he would reject her friend. Well, at least they would have tried. Agnes hadn’t been able to find her perfect guy yet. She didn’t have high standards but everybody kind of treated her like a sister. She’d fallen for many good-looking guys but they had always rejected her. She was getting used to it. In fact, she was reaching a point where she just wanted to have a boyfriend. She didn’t care whether he was good-looking or not. Or so she said.

Would cupid strike that night? Would they like each other? Priscilla said a little prayer as the cab arrived at the Elements.


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