The Memory Of A Face : Chapter Ten

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Hulk or bulk?

Priscilla was window-shopping at Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong, her favourite mall. She thought it was almost perfect. It had clothes shops, music shops, restaurants, a cinema and an ice rink. It was located on the KCR and MTR Kwun Tong lines. Anybody traveling on the Tsuen Wan line had easy access after changing trains at the Mong Kok or Prince Edward stations. Plus, most bus and minibus routes covered it.

Agnes was running late although the movie had been her idea. Priscilla could sense Agnes had something to tell her. Perhaps about the double date they’d had a few days ago or maybe she had more questions about Energy. She hadn’t talked about it after the date but if Priscilla knew her friend, a flood of questions would burst forth through that wall of silence sometime soon.

As she passed by a Sasa store, Priscilla thought about the latest fragrance from Anna Sui. She must hint Oliver about it.

She dialed Agnes’s number. The phone kept ringing but Agnes did not answer. It went to her voicemail instead.

“Hi. This is Agnes. I’m unable to take your call right now. Please leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can.”

“This is Priscilla. Where are you? Call me back.”

There was a crowd at the cinema. Almost all the shows were running full house. Priscilla dialed Agnes and reached her voicemail again. She decided against leaving another message and hung up.

Her cell phone buzzed just as she was about to check her watch for the umpteenth time. It was Agnes.

“Hi. Where are you?” Agnes appeared breathless.

“At the cinema. Where are you?”

“Oh great. I just got off the MTR. Running there now,” she gasped.

“Take your time. I’ve been here for only an hour. The night is still young.”

“Sorry lah! I’ll be there in three minutes. Have you got the tickets already?”

“What! I thought you’d booked them online?”

“Oh, I thought you’d be getting them. Never mind. I’m almost there.”

“Almost all the shows are going full house.” Priscilla spotted two seats in the H row but to one side. Not the best position to watch a movie from.

“Oh. That’s poor—”

“How about H1 and H2?”

“Not good. Wait for me. I’m almost there.”

“Okay. Hurry up!” Priscilla felt restless.

“Too bad lah. I left my wings at home today. I can see you. What a pretty dress. You look good in red.”

“Red? That’s not me. Which cinema have you gone to?” She braced herself for the response.

“Ha-ha. Just kidding. You’re wearing black today. I’m at the AMC Festival Walk.”

“That’s dark blue not black.”

“How does it matter? You look beautiful all the same.”

“Stop it. You are beginning to sound like Oliver. He can never tell the difference colours make to a woman’s appearance.”

Agnes laughed. She cut the call as she reached the ticket counter. With a grim face she scanned through the monitors.

“They are all gone.” She said.

“Moment of truth, huh?”

“Let’s catch the next show then.”

“Okay. But they are almost an hour later.”

“That gives us more time to talk to each other. And we could go check books at Page One.”

“Hmm. I want a coffee first. This place is freezing.” Priscilla took out her scarf and put it on.

“Strange. I feel hot.” Agnes took out her designer mirror and checked to see if her make up appeared smudged. It was still intact. She pulled out a tissue and dabbed it carefully on her forehead.

“That’s because you’ve been running.”

“Yes. I have. I prefer an iced chocolate. And you will probably have a Latte?”

“Yes, thank you. This one’s on you since you were late.” Priscilla was happy.

“Well, that squares us even. Remember, you owed me one for going shopping with you?”

“Huh? It was you who wanted to shop and I was tagging along to keep you company. Moreover, I introduced you to Hulk.” Priscilla teased her.

“Hulk?” Agnes looked surprised.

“Energy.” Priscilla replied.

“He looks more like Bulk than Hulk!”

They laughed and entered the coffee shop.

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