The “Must Have” List

Every Lesbian woman

  1. Must have one straight friend she can totally look up to.
  2. Must have one recipe, she can whip up in a jiffy! Especially for hungry, late night booty callers!
  3. Must have one younger lesbian girl who loves her from her breasts to her toes! And all in between!
  4. Must have a Brazilian wax, Body wax on her monthly-must do list! (Note: Being Wolverine is a killer! And word spreads fast)
  5. Must have a parting line when dealing with bitchy lesbian women. Indifference, I am told, works too. So breathe in and breathe out!
  6. Must have one extra-ordinary talent. (Note:Writing/ photography/bar-tending /singing /dancing/belly dancing /bathroom singing…works. How the hell will you find the girl of your dreams without?)
  7. Must have the ability to move between looking femme/butch or androgynous at will!
  8. Must, must, must have a sense of humour. (Note:Even one akin to the laughter track will do!)
  9. Must have the ability to pay her bills! (Note: Darling, unemployed girls go nowhere… and bad girls everywhere)
  10. Must have the ability to handle exes, girl-friends, straight friends with ease! (Note to self: Practice smiling in the mirror or learn to keep the jealousy gene in the deep freeze!)
  11. Must have one best friend forever in her gang! (Note: And this one girl will never invade your fantasies! Never. Not even on seriously dry days or wet days!)
  12. Must display clearly intimate washes, dental dams and gloves in her bathroom shelf! (Note: And use it too!)
  13. Must have one f*** buddy, she can reach out to any time of the day, night, afternoon! (Note: Availability is super important!) and one intellectual pinup she can practice verbal foreplay with!
  14. Must learn the art of disappearing/playing hard to get and textual flirting!
  15. Must know how to grovel. Especially in front of cute women!
  16. Must know how to fix cars, bikes, light bulbs, overcooked rice and a bad drink! (Note: Nothing’s a bigger turn on – than finding a damsel in distress to de-stress!)
  17. Must know her secret allure! Anything counts – even a sexy shoulder bone!
  18. Must know how to hold a cigarette and smoke it, when called in.
  19. Must have one sexual signature move so special that every girlfriend will remember her by it!
  20. Must always, always, always love herself!

Come on girls – share your Do’s and Musts!

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