The New Kind Of Single

Being single sucks! I turn into an idiot who jumps at any chance to meet someone new and if she is cute I’m ten steps ahead in my head..

So the banana bar queer party is around the corner and I asked one of my close friends to bring along all her cute friends if she’s coming. She’s not exactly single but she’s not available either. In her own words, “I am dating…but yet not in a relationship….there’s a difference”. This situation confuses me the heck out of me.

What I think is… if one is dating then one is definitely in a relationship, whether it is an open or a committed one! And if you are dating someone, is it really right to call yourself single because in reality you are involved emotionally/physically with someone?

The word, “dating” has always seemed like such an ambiguous word to me. It could mean anything from going on a day out or spending time together to a one night stand. It could also be the stage before you commit. All said and done, if you call someone your girlfriend then would you still call it dating?

I suppose, one is single if one believes one is and as far as both people involved in this limbo acknowledges each other’s status.So I think I will go to Banana Bar party and check her out as well (she is all kinds of cute). I just hope her date does not turn up and if she does I hope they remain single.

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