The Rainbow of Love : A Poem for the Queer

Remember our rhapsodic times of love,
When we really knew each other?
Our infantile moments of Bonheur,
The day when you held my hands
And told me with all your charm,
“Let’s fly together, my dove.”

The loathsome fiends of the stratum
Tried to tear apart everything virtuous,
Devouring what we had together as a pair of doves,
Who flew over the seven seas of stardust.
They never perceived our normalcy,
As mortal beings who had momentum.

I keep asking myself every day,
Why we ever stopped cherishing?
What holds us back on this day,
When the world is ready to see us together
On the proscenium of a revolution
That says – “In love, let there be no fray”?

Our last cuddle of togetherness,
Is the only bit of my reminiscence,
That anguishes my bosom each day;
And tells me not to give up on you,
Because there is still a Rainbow of Love,
Which will bring light into our magical Fortress.

*I dedicate this poem to all the ‘Rainbow’ children. ‘Rainbow’ symbolizes hope.

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