The Vulnerable Self

I have been a great admirer of Edvard Munch’s paintings and have always wanted to create something inspired by that. His paintings were usually the depiction of his mental health or the thoughts that he was going through at that moment, and I wanted to recreate that through the process of the shoot. The shoot is a reflection of my thoughts and mental space, where anxiety takes a prominent place and I’ve tried to portray that through the play of light and shadow on the body. I wanted to capture him in his most vulnerable state, without the shrouds of morality, in a state where you could lay bare your inner thoughts. This was my attempt at interacting on core issues of the mind while also reflecting my own mental space, incorporating elements from artists who’ve inspired me to go on this journey inside the mind.

Photography by: Mohit Tiwari // Muse: Ayush Dinghra

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