Theatre Practitioner Kuljeet Singh Writes On Margarita With A Straw


*Editor’s Note : A message from Kuljeet Singh (played Balraj Kapoor, Laila’s Father)

In the normative, oppressive world of two gender theory, Margarita With A Straw brings to the world a fresh breath of air to accept and love people, the way they are.

When I was approached for the film by the Associate Director, Nilesh Maniyar, I was not first asked to come for the screen test but to read the script. Not much of a trend in Bollywood!

Quite clearly, I understood what is expected from me as an actor. As I proceeded with the script, I was telling myself that this is not just an acting assignment and the intent was crystal clear when Shonali Bose, the director of the film asked the actors to come for a workshop-cum-rehearsals session and the sensitivity with which the session was conducted is testimony to the treatment imparted to the subject which is complexed and layered, culturally, physically and emotionally. The filial relationship, as articulated in the film is not just another family with diverse people. It required restraint, as much profundity, to execute it for the celluloid, which I feel is the strength of the film.

Working with the cast & crew of Margarita With A Straw was completely an honor and I feel the film has changed the face of Indian Cinema. Personally as a theatre practitioner, I wish to see more films on these lines. When on a working day, you receive a call from acquaintances and friends, telling that they watched the film with complete house, packed with people, you have no choice to argue on what people want to watch. Indian audiences have come a long way and there is a good number of viewers who stand for important issues, which had been ignored by the mainstream cinema.

Raise a toast with Margarita, with a straw!

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