Think For Yourself. Or Please Shut The Fuck Up.

It’s simple, really. The world wasn’t created for the benefit of just one person. We co-exist.  Just as you won’t find two tigers with matching stripes, you won’t find two people with the same preferences. You’d think after so many years of existence, people would’ve learnt to tolerate each other’s differences. But looks like that’s too much to expect from a species that considers itself the most intelligent of all.

A few days back, this –, had me bristling with rage. I’m not stupid. Neither am I blind or deaf. I know very well that homophobia is rampant. But to hear so many people who have no idea about the lives of others spewing such venom made me want to…I don’t know what.

I just don’t get it. What is the source of so much hate? Where is it coming from? And most importantly, what did we do to them? Are they so fucking narrow minded that they can’t, for just one second, accept the possibility that there are people who are not like them? How can you even think of killing your own child? For fuck’s sake, what sense does that make? Is murder justified in the Bible?

The most ridiculous part is that, all the reasons these haters throw at us are reasons provided to them by some other source – their parents, their peers, religious texts, etc. None of them are their own. None of them have sat down for one second, used the brains that have taken so fucking long to evolve, and thought about it logically. They’re dumb enough to swallow whatever opinions they hear and regurgitate it later, believing it to be their own brilliantly original thoughts.

The Bible Says…
The haters are forgetting that their first line of offence, the religious texts, have been changing as often as they’ve changed hands. Every generation has allowed it to be adapted to suit the purpose of that time. And just like Chinese Whispers, the versions kept changing with time. So reason dictates that no one can say with absolute certainty that the current version is the original version. Nobody can. You know why? Because none of us were there when they were first written.

God Created Adam And Eve, Not Adam And Steve.
Oh wow. Word play. <slow clap> So fucking clever. Maybe “God” did create Adam and Steve. And whoever was being told about Adam and Steve misheard and wrote about Adam and Eve. Ever think about that? This is the most stupid retort anyone could’ve come up with. Ever. In the history of humankind.

Marriage Is Meant For A Man And A Woman.
Just because a couple at the next table in a restaurant is enjoying a meal, doesn’t mean you will be denied food. How does it matter who gets married and who doesn’t? If a gay couple decides to get married, what does it take away from a straight couple’s marriage?

Gay Sex Is Just So Unnatural. It makes me sick.
Unnatural? A man fucking his wife in the ass is natural? Men having sex with animals is natural? No? How about incest, then? Or paedophiles? The fact is, what two consenting adults, gay or straight, do in their bedrooms is none of your fucking business. And you should stay the fuck out of it.

I’m itching for a debate with one of these fucks, because not one of their reasons is rational. There’s no logic to them. Almost each one of them boils down to religion. I think the reality is that, if they accept that their religion might be wrong on the issue of homosexuality, it stands to reason that everything their religion has ever propagated as the truth will be questioned. And that makes them shit silly in their pants. Because then, their delicately constructed world will come crashing down. They will be forced to confront the reality of their existence. Along with the fact that being the majority never means being right.

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