This Republic Day Watch Our Animated Anti-377 Dream!

From 1860 to 2009 to 1860 to 2014 to…. Us All Just Bloody Well Not Going Back ! 

On 26th January, 2014 – A mere month and them some after 377’s reinstatement and on the day we celebrate our constitution while fighting for our fundamental constitutional rights, Gaysi Productions brings to you our animated take on the freedom of the past, the oppression of the present and the flowery hope for the future for all of LGBTQ and Queer kind!

With but a week to go to the Celebrations of Mumbai Pride, and the hilarity of Gaysi’s Dirty Talk, we have a little YouTube nugget of cheer for you.

Our resident film expert Anuja explains more:

“The idea is that the alphabets represent the general population, in which us gays/lesbian have always existed since the inception of the amaze balls section 377 in 1860. In 2009, the world becomes a brighter place and the LGBT community has the freedom to come out of the closets and express themselves. However, this is directly in contrast the the shadow 2013 has cast on the community, here the fight with 377 begins. Come 2014 and onwards, the community will still exist and continue to thrive as the war on 377 continues.”

A Big Shout Out here to our Amazeballs Animator Nisha Vasudevan, who together with a roster of Gaysi Team members including Anuja (sound, light, music), MJ (bullying) and Zee Zee (devious conception) put this fun video experiment together.

Watch this video, Share it and oh, Happy Republic Day! May The Good Fight Continue.

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