Till Death Do Us Apart…?

The love between two women reaches a point of being far deeper than any other as it encircles its self in not just being lovers but also sharing, shopping, spa – salon time, movies, games, pubs and finds its roots deep in a friendship. This makes it beautiful, enriching and a truly fulfilling companionship. But the age old question arises: Why does it not last? Why don’t lesbian relationships become life long partnerships?

I look around and find that not just many wonder the same but there are a lot of us struggling to make it. Are relationships dependent on legal and social bindings to last a life time? Does a straight relationship convert into a life long partnership because of the legally binding obligation on both partners compounded by social and family pressures? If this isn’t true, then what makes them last?

Perhaps the right question is, what makes them break?

I looked around and asked a few lesbian friends and most of them were not very sure either. Some of the answers that I got were:

“We were not right for each other.”

“The age difference was not workable.”

“She wants to have children.”

“She is still dealing with sexuality issues.”

“Not sure, it just did not work out.”

“We just wanted to have fun!”

Will it always be… too young… too far…too instable…too difficult…?

Can I still dream of holding her hand and looking into her eyes and knowing clearly in my heart, we are right for each other? Can there be a solution other than alcohol, to all the stress we lesbians live with? Can we ever find the real joys of being lesbians and living fulfilling lives so stop seeking transient pleasures to fill our empty lives with?

Despite everything, I am happy and fulfilled and I love to party and I think I am truly thrilled about being a lesbian and all it has to offer.

However when I look around my closest relationships or examine those of lesbian friends it just makes me wonder… will I ever find someone that will make me feel “Till death do us apart….”

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