Top 10 IMB Products To Gift Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching. It’s a day that elicits varied emotions from different people. For those of you spending this day with your partner(s)*, it may as well be a joyous occasion. For those of you who’d be celebrating this day for the first time with your partner(s), it may be a time wrought with anxiety, pleasure and confusion in variegated measures.

And then, of course, there are those (like me) who would be “celebrating” Valentine’s Day without a significant other. We are the ones who Emma Watson rightly calls self-partnered. After all, a powerful relationship with oneself is a crucial foundation to building a loving relationship with someone else.  Given that the LGBTQ+ community in India has little to no institutional support from family, religion and the wider society in finding and celebrating love, the responsibility of both loving oneself and one’s significant other(s) falls squarely on our own shoulders. For those of you blessed with supportive friends and family, the burden of self-love is less, though it is still mammoth, nonetheless.

Keeping in mind the spirit of self-love and self-care, here are my top ten Valentine’s Day picks from IMbesharam, India’s well-known adult web-store. I am highlighting products that you could gift yourself this Valentine’s Day.

A Year Of Sex! Sexual Position Cards- Rs. 1,099.00

What’s Valentine’s Day without fun and games? A Year of Sex! offers over 50 different Kama Sutra positions to use as positional references. Each card offers simple technique instructions and a challenge rating of 1-5, with 5 being the most challenging. Use this card game to spice things up, explore your sexuality and sexual interests and have fun along the way!

Rene Rofe Unwrap Me One Piece Satin Bow Teddy- Rs. 1,999.00

Rene Rofe’s lingerie collection is seductive, sexy and chic. Treat yourself to this interesting one-piece red satin bow teddy. It’s designed to look like a sexy present that’s easy to put on and even easier to take off.  Look sexy and feel sexy this Valentine’s Day.

Bijoux Indiscrets Poeme Body Paint- RS. 2,249.99

Bijoux Indiscrets Poeme – Sweetheart Cherry.Body painting is an exciting was of making the intimate experience even more scintillating. If you are one for adventure, give this product a shot. With an irresistible melting texture and an exquisite aroma, this body paint is meant for savoring with kisses and enjoyed with all five senses.

Rocks Off Single Speed  RO 8mm Bullet Vibe – Rs 2,299

This multi award winning bullet not only looks classy in gold, it has such serious and rhythmic vibrations that it is sure to take your breath away *wink*. The Rocks Off Single Speed Bullet remains, till this date the best selling and most popular vibrator- with its discreet look, and powerful sensations.

Eye Of Love Pheromone Spray – One Love 10 Ml- Rs. 2,399.00

This spray for women is formulated to give you that extra sizzle and spark. Whether it’s a date or a casual day out, apply this spray to titillate the senses and sensibilities of those around you.  Designed in France, the compact size of this spray will make it easy for travelling or a night out.

Rocks Off Ass-berries Vibrating Plug- Rs. 3,999.00

Sexy, succulent and juicy, buy this product for an experience between your cheeks that you’ll never forget. This clever berry shaped plug is perfect for beginners and experts alike. It is powered by RO 80 bullets and guaranteed to keep you satisfied for hours.

Eye Of Love Pheromone Parfume For Her – Seduce 1oz- RS. 4,399.00

Designed in France, The Eye of Love Seduce Pheromone Parfume is made to give an added advantage in your personal, professional, and romantic life. It contains the highest quality pheromones..

Seduce your significant other with this deeply penetrating blend of bergamot and woodsy Damascus rose caressed by sweet, sultry jasmine undertones.

Satisfyer Men Masturbator- Rs. 6,999.00

Who doesn’t enjoy a masturbator? If you’re bored of pleasuring yourself to pornography the old fashioned way, yet unwilling to hookup for fear of contracting STI’s and/or STD’s from strangers, this is a great way to pleasure yourself. The Satisfyer Men Masturbator makes the solo hand job even more pleasurable than you could imagine. Satisfyer virtually engulfs your penis, bringing you to an intense climax. It ensures the most intense stimulation. It also has a super soft interior: a unique air cushion, which makes the experience even more exciting. The novel pump feature allows you to add or release air during use at the touch of a button.

Bold Triple – Male Masturbator- RS. 8,999.00

The Bold Triple – Male Masturbator provides excites and stimulates a man’s penis during solo fun sessions. To do this, first take the lubricant pack out from inside the toy and massage your penis with the lubricant. You should also apply a little of it to the opening of the masturbator. Once you’ve used all of the lubricant sample, any water-based or silicone-based lubricant can be used. The Triple model has 3 cylinders, which can be freely and easily combined to give you a completely unique feeling.

Play around with the 3 cylinders until you find the perfect combination for you. In addition, the 3 cylinders have different degrees of stiffness. This product is unique and definitely worth the purchase if you’re looking to make your “alone time” even more memorable!

Lelo Sona Massager- RS. 11,999.00

With gentle sonic waves instead of conventional vibrations, this whisper-quiet sonic massager o­ffers an entirely new orgasm, a prolonged climax after a sensual build-up. This luxury new toy is now exclusively available Its smooth, waterproof design is made from a single piece of premium silicone, making SONA incredibly easy to clean and soft to the touch. And because it doesn’t directly contact the clitoris, it can be used to generate multiple orgasms over and over again without any discomfort.

We hope you enjoyed reading this list. As you can see, IMbesharam has something for everyone. So, hurry up and shop now till supplies last.

*Please note: The word partner(s) is intentionally used instead of partner to denote those who may be in polyamorous relationships or in consensual open relationships. It’s important to note that consensual open relationships and polyamorous relationships are not one and the same. For the uninformed and curious, you may want to read this article by The Independent.

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