Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance or TDoR as its commonly called, is coming up on Nov 20. To those unfamiliar, it is a day dedicated to honoring Transgender folks who have died outside of natural circumstances. What started as a candle light vigil over the death of Rita Hester in 1998, is now observed across several cities and countries in the world.

I get together with some of my friends over a potluck, cloth exchange/drop-off and an open mic event, organized by my dear friend Paul. Over the past few years I have seen parents of Trans kids come along  to show their support and talk about the success, struggle and the needed change. It is a day where emotions run wild for me. I am filled with sorrow over the numerous Trans folks who have been been murdered by bigots, killed themselves or have just disappeared from the radar. I am engulfed with anger when I see the media and the law enforcement agencies continue to use the wrong gender pronouns while describing their tragic death. Even in death, no one gets it.  That said, I am happy I made it so far. I had come close to making stupid calls in my life. For once, I feel lucky enough to get past those with whatever strength I had.

This year has been particularly wild. The Nation’s capital, DC has rocked us with a spate of murders particularly against the community of color. There was the MCDonald incident in Baltimore where a trans woman was physically assaulted while the employees and most customers were busy recording the incident. There was someone close to my home who was assaulted and spent a week at the hospital and after a week the SF police called it a hate incident. And, there are so many more that get unreported. And if they do, one has to fight really hard to register them as hate crimes.


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