Video BLog: Harish Iyer Talk It Up On The Hiyer Life

Its been a rollercoaster year ending with a ridiculous ruling that has given way to a queer movement unlike that ever seen before!


There have a lot of people on the forefront providing visibility for the Queer Community and one of those wonderful folks is Harish Iyer. Yes, you may have seen him on TV, Yes there have been movies made on him, Yes, he is one of the most influential LGBT people in the world, Yes he does have cute dimples.

The tall order aside, he is a regular guy fighting for all of our rights and sharing his story with the world at large. Harish recently started a video blog called The Hiyer Life and with his blessings, we share it with you on Gaysi because its kinda sorta hilarious and its like the tiny snippet you may need from your best gay friend in your corner to get through your day.

Watch 3 of Harish’s Vlogs below !

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