Video Release : The Predicament

Dear Santa, grant women a biological clock that comes fitted with a snooze button please?

You see, the queer Bombay wallas recently saw this super awesome musical theatrical performance called, ‘The Predicament’, by a new artist Heena D’souza. She performed on the stage of Dirty Talk in September 2014. And of all things about women, she spoke about her choice to remain childfree and the drama, which her ticking biological clock brings to her life and thereon.

Her mamma says that her relationship has no guarantee and a child would be her investment for her old age but she knows better. Well, you see some of her friends have children and their life is nowhere fulfilled – It can’t be so.

In her performance, She brought forth things we have heard and some we haven’t … But it’s the style with which she articulates the issue at hand, that is so enrapturing and is keeping us up late into the night, thinking and listening to the tick-tock of all clocks – literal and metaphorical.

And one such thought is that the world has so many orphan children. Young lives waiting to be nurtured into beautiful adults and therefore, this angst for having biological children is but absurd. Why can’t one parentless child make one a mother? Hello? It’s ready made baby!! It can’t get easier than this.

Would mamma say its not our own? Well, we don’t give birth to our partners, friends or even our dogs; but oh Santa – we love them so much.

Why does the silly society put so much pressure on the ticking tocking clock? Can’t you please remove this block?

Lady friend on a time bomb-Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock!


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