Walking With Pride @ New Delhi

It is a great feeling to be yourself and not have to pretend to be someone else. And the Delhi Pride March this year, gave everyone the space to be exactly who they are. The march was not only significant, considering it was the first since the Delhi High Court Judgment decriminalized gay sex last year, but also because the spirit of the LGBT community was touching the pink clouds. The agenda of the march, however remained the same – the need to introduce anti-discrimination laws.


It was a jubilant warm November afternoon. More than 3000 colorful people, irrespective of their gender identity, participated in the march, and danced like crazy to the beats of ‘dhol’. Last year, I felt alienated amongst them but this time I felt like I belonged there. It felt right. Though I wonder if there is really a change in the perception. There were not many people wearing masks or veils. Many were open with big smiles to the shutter of the thousand cameras. I overheard a group of girls giggling over what newspaper they get at home and how parents would react if they saw these pictures.


I think what made the pride special was the huge number of family members and other supporters. ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Visibility’ is closest to what the heart desires. One of my favorite author and a fantastic person, Mridula Koshy, was there with her three children and husband.

It was overwhelming to see her introducing the community, explaining homosexuality and other things to them. An old lady was out there supporting her grandson, another eleven year old boy supporting his elder brother. One could feel the barriers color, caste and class melting away; giving the exuberant community the place it deserves in this society.

The rainbow colored scarves and bling bling sunglasses were a hit with the people this time. The presence of gay activists like Gautam Bhan and minister from Nepal Sunil Pant strengthened the voice of the community.


As the evening approached its end; everyone lit candles and observed 2 minutes of silence. The moment of tranquil was pure magic. It was an indescribable, unfathomable moment. I am still wondering, has Delhi really changed or was it just a winter breeze.

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