Watch What Happens When Queers Takeover Mumbai : Happy In Gaysi Land

Yes! Yes! yes! There is no doubt that we Queers are a happy bunch. Some times even so happy we are delusional. Thankfully being happy isn’t a crime in this country… yet! In our perpetual state of delusional happiness we at Gaysi set out on an adventure to create a video: “Happy In Gaysi Land”. We found the most apt song that reflected our emotions was … you guessed it  – ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams. The music video is a testament to our joyous Desi-Bollywood-Masala digging hearts that do not give up at a time when we are declared illegal citizens within our country. (Clap along if you feel like happiness is criminal!)

Criminals or not, our path to equality is long, and like all good movements it begins with the promise of never giving up, not going back….aaand dancing! So here we are busting our Mithun Da, Madonna, MJ and Lady Gaga moves with some Govinda thrown in for good measure. We spared you the Miley twerking this time around though.

But hold on there! If you think this music video was all play and no work you are wrong! There were auditions, eliminations and judge’s criticism (Simon’s got competition). There were bloodshed, tears and glitter fights. There were site visits and disagreements between producer and director! There was even a dramatic walk out by one of our stars!. But at the end of it all, dance and music brought us together.

This is just the beginning of our journey to Queer domination of Jhalak Dikhla Ja, So You Think You Can Dance and every other platform on the world stage to show off our twinkle toes just for Equal Rights!

We hope you enjoy the video. Share freely and widely and drop us a note below to let us know what you think!.. or better yet, Just Dance.

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