What Happens When You Come To Read Out Loud

So, are you ‘crushing’ on someone?

Have you gone all sappy and been writing silly poetry, which are, but mere attempts to word your feelings?

Or do you have menstruation art that you just have to talk about?

Do not know where to find the right mix of madness and creativity to share these stories?

Do not fear because Read Out Loud is here!

In its second edition, Gaysi and Labia have come together to create the perfect ambience for secret poets and not-so-shy writers to share their tales. And, The Hive in Bandra created the right venue for this crazy sweet mix of people to read their hearts out.

It was as if the weather gods had also decided to comply, as it was a breezy and pleasant Sunday evening as Rukun.K read her piece on menstruation. By the end of it she ended up with a few fans…and requests for her artwork!

There were those occasional neighborhood noises, which would try to play their part in ruining a moment or two, but the Eliots and Audens in us were a little too alive to pay any heed. When excerpts from books like ‘Facing the Mirror’ by Ashwini Sukthankar or Dalit poem (recited by Shikha) are read one tends to forgive these little nuances of the city.

Mayank and his friend created drama as the duo read his poetry. They were quirky but with a pinch of salt. Then, came one of my favourite pieces of the evening. It was called ‘Tranny Bladder’. It is a chapter from a book called, ‘Butch is a Noun’ by S. Bear Bergman. In a few easy words, it showed how there is politics in where and how a transgender person can relieve their bladder.

For someone who is shy and talking to anyone takes a lot of effort, I felt right at home. As, each piece was read, somewhere I also felt my courage getting louder. Especially when Shalini read her original poetry, I realised that each one of us are here to be not only heard but to share a piece of our souls.

Luckily my confession of a recent crush (it was a poem if you are wondering) was met with applause and not the ridicule I had imagined. Phew!

I loved that the evening not only opened up a few dialogues but a few minds too and I feel a few more opportunities to have conversations like these are much needed.

I went thinking I will hear a few tales of personal struggles and triumphs but ended up making friends with whom I can now create a few new tales of my own.

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