What I Love About Being Queer

One of our favourite authors – Vivek Shraya – has asked us to reach out to Gaysi readers for his latest project: “What I LOVE about being QUEER”!

What I LOVE about being QUEER started out as a short film project, filmed last fall, where 34 queers were invited to speak on camera about what they love about this complicated part of our identity. The hope was for this film to create a much needed space for celebration of the positive aspects of being queer, when so often being queer is associated with hardship.

Since then, the film has extended into an online project where any queer, anywhere can share what they love about being queer: http://whatiloveaboutbeingqueer.tumblr.com

I would like to invite Gaysi readers who identify as queer to participate in the project by submitting a photo and caption of what they love about being queer to whatiloveaboutbeingqueer@gmail.com. It will then get published on the project site!


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