What Not To Do On Grindr!


A case of impersonation in Delhi came to light recently. A story of rejection that turned into revenge. Now the pictures of the boy who rejected the other have been doing rounds on Grindr; even nude pictures.

The issue is serious if the one victimised is in the closet. The number of extortion cases are rising. Here are things you should NOT do.

Especially if you are in the closet.

1. Don’t share your nude pictures with strangers. Even if you do, don’t share one with your face.

(I know you have the best ass and the best dick. Trust me, I am serious)

2. Trust not blindly.
Don’t share your details like your address, family details, where you work etc.

(You don’t want visitors? Athithi devo bhava? )

3. If you are going on a date, please inform one trusted friend. It is okay, no one will judge you.

(And if they do, let them. Look who is talking? Aren’t we all whores?)

4. Keep some people on speed dial. Also, send the location details on whatsapp, when you reach the “place”. Keep ‘Latitude’ on Google maps on).

(Trust your friend will not reach the spot, unless you call him for an orgy)

5. Act responsibly. Don’t allow the person to film your sexual encounter or your sex-face. Lately, there have been cases of men whose sex act was put up on Xvideos.

(Allow filming only if you want to be the next international porn star)

If you have been attacked or impersonated, please inform us. We will get friends to help you fix the situation. You could also write to me personally at harish.iyer@hotmail.com or whatsapp at 9833100340.

Let’s have fun. But not at the cost of safety.

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