When Dirty Talk Came To Bombay Town!

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[More Dirty Talk Images by Prashansa Gurung here]

Yeah, there is swagger in the Gaysi Family’s step! Dirty Talk 7.0 was as colourful as could be expected and a rip roaring success (ah! well sometimes its okay to not be modest). We had set out to do the impossible; put out a venue to showcase talent involving Comedy, Music, Drama and Poetry; with the rainbow twist naturally.

Our theme this year was about Women and it is such a thrill to say that we were able to raise Rs. 40,000 for Stop Acid Attacks, while entertaining a crowd of exactly 405 people. To have Arti, the representative of this charitable organization, talk about her experience as a survivor of an acid attack was to me personally a reminder of how we are grappling with the epidemic of violence and oppression in India. We need more brave voices out there. I have to admit though, up until that point of time it had been beer, chatting and more chatting. To have the entire evening and every performance sewn together and to get the crowd’s attention, we had the audacious Aditi Mittal who was encouraging every performer. The evening was a categorical success because of her, the performers, the audience and every person who helped organise the event or supported it in any capacity. We are sending you bucket loads of sunshine and hugs.

More than anything, we are over the moon about the reception we garnered with the media. Thank you DNA, Homegrown, BuzzFeed, Mid Day and Times of India, for the press; before and after the event. The journey of Gaysi is encapsulated in these links. Thanks for the love and power to the rainbow.








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