WRITE HERE. WRITE NOW. The Gaysi Zine Wants You.


Okay! Time to become famous again.

Enjoy the limelight…
Become someone’s famous author…
Touch someone’s heart by sharing your story …
Lift up their spirits by telling a funny joke!

Gaysi is in the making of its next issue of the Gaysi Zine and is welcoming all of you to send in your original, (previously)unpublished exciting written or illustrative work!

This next Zine issue aims to capture delicate, candid, confessional, intimate, vulnerable, funny, joyous, whimsical, sarcastic, celebratory, and courageous voices.

Perhaps a fantastical queer fiction piece set in Immigrant London in the 80’s or even a comical rendition of the day you knew your decade long relationship was over – We want to read, hear and see it.

We welcome all genres: young adult, literary, romantic, erotic, humor, sci-fi, fantasy, crime, graphic art, letters, comic strips, recipes, satire, jokes, doodles, illustrations etc. Just about ANYTHING! We welcome diversity, at the same time are discerning.

There are only three rules:

1. No homophobia/transphobia/misogyny/discrimination.
2. No duplicate or plagiarized content. Your work must be 100% ORIGINAL. The word count can be between 700-1500 words.
3. We reserve the right to edit content to make it more readable. We will endeavor to keep the tone and feel of your submission intact. If the content needs a major overhaul, our editor will get in touch with you to discuss the edits.

In return, we promise three things:

1. Entries printed in the Zine will receive Amazon or Flipkart gift voucher of Rs. 1500 each.
2. An opportunity to be on the panel at the various Zine events Pan India
3. Fame and Limelight!

If you have any other queries, please feel free to email us : gaysifamily[at]gmail[dot]com

We have set our deadline for all submissions as May 15th. All entries must be emailed to gaysifamily@gmail.com with “Submission for Zine 2014? as the subject.

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