You & I

She was all things Grey. In between a yes and no, unsure of left or right, in nor out.  The only thing fun about all this was that she was never bored.  The inner arguments and the vacillations kept her occupied for hours. Sometimes days. Free of guile and pretenses, what you saw was what you wished you got. But she seldom gave in. intimidating only if you didn’t know her, but then you never really could know her, for she didn’t want to be known. But one day, every thread was unraveled, un-done until all that remained was nothing.

In religion she found flaws and a sense of pseudo-dependency; in spirituality a longing for something more real. It was frustrating to know that friends whom she allowed into her breathing space could never unscramble the entirety of ‘her’.

He was the loudest being she’d ever known. It was thus only a matter of moments before she knew she would love him forever. He was all things Pink. With a fragile heart and an eager love, he went through the world wanting to not conquer, but bully it. It was only fair. Growing up hadn’t been easy, especially on the wrong side of the road. With people walking up north, he awkwardly strolled southwards. When prepubescent boys’ desperately attempted to invoke their masculinity, he was content being himself. He made the right choices – and he was never forgotten.

In her he found his missing piece – the alpha to his omega. Not the quintessential girl, Grey loved Pink in more ways than one. For one, he was pink. He understood the waxing and waning of her disposition almost as naturally as she understood the doldrums of his love life. They laughed more than they ate and talked more than they thought they had to say. With him she was in her purest element – unchained and reckless. His tears always found their way to her and she held them gently in the palm of her hand. She saw him in light he hadn’t even seen himself in yet. No wonder he felt flawed while she just saw perfection.

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