You, Me & Zine (2)

… and then there was light !

Yes! Circle of pinkness enveloping our lives. We all noticed it. We noticed it because we asked for it. And because we asked – we got! Yes, I am talking about the Gaysi zine – the first issue of which was released last month. I am sitting here at my desk with a coffee stained, final copy of my beloved that is falling apart.

Getting here hasn’t been easy, though. I’ll have some terrible memories to live with in my life…

…Upsetting Rashmi by editing her piece and publishing it before she could give her feedback . …Endless fights with MJ over the design, content, style, and … the list is long. (That’s why we are falling apart now…)

It is amazing what can be accomplished with a few resources and a head full of determination. As weird as it seems, we had no clue about printing, or an eye for design but we did it purely for the love of what we do and our convictions about who we stand for.

What’s very cool is that some people shared what they thought of the zine. One lovely reader said “Its supercool. In a place where Indian queer lit doesn’t exist – coming up with such a collection is a gift”. Another astute fan said, “I love the design but the content is all over the place. It could have been pieced together in a little more coherent way”. Another dear friend said, “There’s too much sex in it”. I gulped that one down…but my favorite was “Endlessly fascinating. Can’t wait for the next issue”.

And neither can I.

So here at Gaysi, cool air is rushing by, clouds are floating in the sky, sparrows are chittering, and no one is speaking. It is so quiet that I can almost hear QC’s heartbeat… (yes, she is working on the erotica for the next issue. Sigh!)

This time around it is going to be brand spanking new content previously unseen and maybe even…unheard (shhhhhhhh!)

Yes, you read that right. We are coming up with the second issue and I invite you readers to pretty please share your thoughts on the first one. The most honest critics will get a deep hot kiss from MJ (those who don’t fancy MJ – sorry guys. Suck it up! )

But on a sincere note, be honest and ruthless, as only brutal honesty will help us with the second issue. And yes, we know the difference between when you criticize/compliment the work and when you do so for the artist.

PS: Are Bert and Ernie gay? Seriously!


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