Zine Bazaar (Bombay Edition): Call Out For Exhibitors!

Gaysi is curating Zine Bazaar: Bombay Edition to be an exploration of art, design, dynamic content and pure, homegrown love.

In its first edition, Zine Bazaar will focus on identity and all of its facets – how we create it, how we share it, how it is seen and experienced by others. Our identities are important. Sometimes we shut them in; sometimes we use them to break down barriers. Like the stars of the zodiac, our identities define who we are.

Zine Bazaar: Bombay Edition wants to find and flaunt these many identities. Be out and proud.

The boom in the independent art scene, especially within comics and narrative illustration mediums, is no longer niche. Artists, and their art, are now receiving a lot more focus from mainstream media than ever before. Following close to this demand and doing what we love at Gaysi, the Zine Bazaar will celebrate established independent artists and introduce young, talented and restless new ones. We will bring together artists, authors, independent publishers, and collectives from all across the country to highlight the diversity of their ideas and experiences, and we will be the space where this happens.

Find the FAQ for the Zine Bazaar here.

Please send in an email to zb[at]gaysifamily[dot]com for more information and registration.

We’re currently open to receiving your applications. The last date for sending them in is 15th July, 2018.
Zine Bazaar Date: September, 2018 (Date will be announced soon)
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