So You Want To Write For Gaysi


We Need:

· Preferred writing name

You can be as open or as closeted about your identity. There is no judgment!

· Preferred Email address

Your email id is safe with us. Nobody but us will see it and we certainly won’t sell it or distribute it to anyone else. If you’re not comfortable about using your regular email address, feel free to set up a secondary email address.

· A short bio to be displayed on the article page.

The bio will be published on the article page at the end of the content

· Set up an image for yourself.

Again, be as open as you feel like. If you want to use your real image, feel free. If not, that’s ok too! Go to Gravatar and upload a display pic : (Its fairly easy, so don’t worry). After you have set up a Gravatar, please email the image to us, as well.

All done, now just email us your article!

There are a few basic guidelines to the posts we will publish:

1. No homophobia/transphobia/misogyny. (Duh!)

2. No duplicate or plagiarised content. You can quote other articles or published work, but always give credit and include a link. If your article has already been published elsewhere, please inform us before hand. We may or may not publish the story, based on the merit of the content. However, we will do this on a case-by-case basis.

3. We reserve the right to edit content to make it more readable. We will endeavour to keep the tone and feel of the post intact. If the content needs a major overhaul, our editor will get in touch with you to discuss the edits.

4. If you think you’re more comfortable blogging in your regional language, feel free! We would welcome posts that aren’t in English – but are, preferably, accompanied by a translation.

What happens next?

We’ll inform you about the date of publication and will tweet about it from our Twitter account (@gaysifamily)

Copyrights & Republishing:

  • Gaysi and you jointly own the content published on This means that we can republish it in other non-commercial publications, online and offline, but will, of course, credit you for the writing. (Fret not! You will be informed beforehand)
  • You can republish your posts on your personal blog, 3 days after it has been published on GaysiFamily. But you have to give credit to Gaysi and post a link to our site. If you wish to publish it on a non-commericial print platform, please inform us before hand. The post when republished in print form must be accompanied by the text “This story was first published on Gaysifamily on [insert date of publication]”. We’d be happy to provide some publicity to the printed material on our website.
  • If you wish to re-publish on a commercial platform, you require prior consent from as we co-own the content with you. We will of course seek your consent before we reproduce your content commercially. However, the content will not be removed from GaysiFamily.
  • If GaysiFamily has commissioned an article for the website and the writer has been compensated financially, we reserve all rights to the content.