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Reimagining Queer Indian Lives Post-377

Recognition from law is one thing but acceptance of society is another. The community is still struggling for jobs and accommodation. Like when I moved to Mumbai recently, I faced lots of difficulty finding a transgender-friendly accommodation. Imagine if this is happening to someone who has a high profile corporate job and think about the less fortunate people.

Reviving A Disabled World

While speaking with Gaysi, Nu and Sam from Revival shared that the magazine was formulated about a year ago, with the intention of raising awareness about issues regarding disability, sexuality, and intersectional ableism. But now, it has evolved into a home to more than a hundred disabled and queer individuals.

On The Importance Of Queer Elders

Coming out as a lesbian in India, be it to yourself or to others, signifies the loss of a certain heteronormative script which governs the lives of most people. This script prescribes a certain timeline by which most lives are ruled, especially in India – marriage, children, in-laws, old age. To be queer in India is to realise that this script will never be your life. But even more significant than the loss of this script is the realisation that there are many things in life that you may never have – a lifelong companion, family, love or happiness. At least, this is what I believed.

Coming Out In The Middle Of A Pandemic

What happens when you come out to yourself in the middle of a pandemic? I am a 22-year-old cis-woman who spent most of her life invested in heterosexual relationships. Most of my dating life was 'easy' as I navigated through real-life or dating apps looking for people with similar interests as mine. As the heteronormative setup has it, it was never difficult for me to voice my choices or to confess to people I had a liking for.

In Conversation With Natalie Truong Of Gay Games

Sports bring people and communities together and create social cohesion. It’s no different in Gay Games. The only difference is, GGHK is designed to show the world that LGBTQ people are out, proud, and eager to participate and compete! Not only in sports, but every walk of life.

Discovering Gender Neutral Treasure At The End Of This Capitalist Rainbow

Despite these amazing models doing amazing work in the field of fashion, to me, it seems like gender neutrality is the latest trend for clothing and fashion - a capitalist move instead of being genuinely inclusive and progressive. Honestly, what on Earth does “gender-neutral clothing” even mean? Clothes do not have a gender. They are meant to cover our bodies and protect us from the weather.

The Agency, Autonomy, And Diversity Of OnlyFans

OnlyFans has its origins in camming - a form of digital era ‘peep-show’ with more liberal power dynamics. For the model, it is about payment, safety (absence of agencies), the relationship of power and desire, and pleasure-seeking. For the viewer, it’s about privacy, power & control, the feeling of intimacy, and pleasure-seeking. Such platforms on the internet have reconstituted our way of being sexual while also providing unfettered sexual freedom.

The Handy Guide To Having Erotic Adventures…Safely

When we speak about ethical non-monogamy, people often assume that it is a riskier way of relating to one another than monogamy. On the contrary, it can be a liberating way of experiencing intimacy with the myriad folks you meet along the way of life. Each relationship develops its own pattern of bonding, sharing, and companionship, and is peppered with elements of friendship, romance, and sex in different measures. None of these relational experiences are comparable and each of them is cherished in its own right.

Journey Through A Queer Juvenescence

In a world where we are taught to be something, do something the moment we’re born, it becomes extremely hard to navigate through life while making sense of what’s being taught to us at the same time. And if you dare question

Bollywood’s Gay Men: Predators Or Best Friends?

These creative choices are often lauded for their awareness, while their harmful aspects get overlooked. The stereotypes and humorous acts are seen as acts of categorisation and stifling of individuality. These associations enable the identification of the community and their reduction to heteronormative binaries of feminity and masculinity.

P.S. I Love My Body

Children in the school teased me and called me different names like Bauna (Lilliput), Maiki (Womanly), etc. There were lots of confusing changes in my body; each thing seemed different than before and distinct from each other. I was just sure of one thing: that I was a male and related to others of my sex, mentally as well as sexually.

Agha Shahid Ali: A Lover And A Poet

Agha Shahid Ali is one such poet, whose silences and secrets call you in like a siren at sea. He was a gay Muslim man who was born in Delhi, brought up in Kashmir, and later moved to America. His intersectional identity factors heavily in his poems which makes them more raw and captivating.