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Ghazal Khanna is a performance poet, award-winning writer, queer feminist, and educator. She has worked with platforms like Mubi India, Zoom TV, Times Now, Feminism In India, She The People, Live Wire, Haldiram Nagpur amongst others. Her poems have been nominated for several awards while winning the best writer award 2021 by Pepper Content. She writes of a life derailed by abuse from a perspective grounded in her own lived experiences as a queer brown woman.

“Am I Queer Enough?” An Essay Dissecting My Queer Imposter Syndrome

Most days, I still don’t feel queer enough. People call me a “boring bisexual” because I am not big on the performance of my sexuality. There was a lot of internalised homophobia and misogyny that I had to unlearn for me to be able to come out. It didn’t happen in a day, it still hasn’t. It’s a process I am still working through but the self-doubt, incessant questioning, and feelings of being an imposter haven’t stopped.