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In another world, she would have been a history teacher. Or a butterfly chaser (the REAL winged ones, mind it). But in this one, she is holds a public health degree in HIV AIDS and STI medicine, and works as a researcher with a community-based organization. When she isn’t engrossed in the ickies and scratchies of the nether regions, she travels. And reads. And dreams. And cooks. She identifies as a bisexual woman and is on a continued journey filled with experiences –first hand and borrowed—on understanding what it means to be a Queer Desi. She also listens and she’d love to hear from you if there is anything particularly difficult that you are going through in your life. She will respond to your questions, queries, concerns, dilemmas, mundane chatter, anything really, on the Gaysi Family blog. So, holler on, and The Stree shalt speaketh!