My Inner Turmoil (World Premiere)

Not only does Gaysi draw the best talent from the Queer Galaxy, it also churns out incredible Alumni. But, of course, they were stellar to begin with ! Our very own Rashmi is now mere hours away from the world premiere of her debut as a filmmaker. Her short film, “My Inner Turmoil” premieres tomorrow on opening night of the Queer Women of Color Film Festival and is followed up by a screening at Frameline 36: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.


Synopsis: Priya faces angst as she navigates living life in 2 genders. The film explores the emotional hardship in being her true self.

Both venues are incredible places to debut as an amateur filmmaker and the opportunity to do so are accolades in their own right for Rashmi. This is crazy exciting and Gaysi thinks all of you should go to the Bay Area to watch the movie, just because.

(Update: I just found out from Rashmi that her film will also play this month at the Chennai Queer Film Festival 2012 as a part of Chennai Pride festivities. Will update with more details as soon as I hear of them ! )

We hope to have a review, inside scoop and interview with Rashmi on the process of making her film up very soon on Gaysi. For now we are giving her  time to digest her new celebrity hood and adulation ( read: groupies!).

ps – You can also check out the film’s Facebook page here. If Rashmi’s fame explodes uncontrollably, Gaysi…actually, more like me… will take over management and also start selling tees, keychains, printed mugs and the likes.

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