Fiction : Love (Unofficial) Part 2

Prologue: Megan and Claire (who was married and going through a rough time in her relationship) were caught making out by Megan’s boss, who also happens to be Claire’s father.

Three months had passed since Megan had seen Claire. Not a single day went by when she didn’t think about Claire and what had happened between them. Her boss did not give her much grief for what he saw that day; he simply wanted his daughter to be happy. When he found out about his son-in-law consistently cheating on his daughter, he urged Claire to file for a divorce, as they had already tried counseling and there had been no improvements in their relationship whatsoever.

After the divorce got finalized, Claire decided to travel and put the past behind her. Megan on the other hand was left with more questions than answers. She wanted to know how Claire felt about what happened between them, but Claire didn’t want to deal with the things that had happened that day. She asked Megan to give her some time to sort her life out and figure a few things out on her own.

It was a dark cloudy day and Megan reached work feeling already tired and lazy. She sat at her desk going through her files, taking twice as much time it would usually take her. Her assistant called her up to inform her regarding a meeting being held in the next one hour. Megan was in no mood to attend but she was informed that major announcements will be made during the meeting, making it compulsory for all managers to attend. She gathered her files, checked her e-mail and went through her phone to see if she had any important texts and finally got up and left for the meeting.

All managers were gathering in the conference room, every department head was present and they all seemed to be gossiping about something. Megan turned to Mr. Winslow who was the head of billing and asked him what was going on and what the sudden meeting was all about.

“I heard a new CFO has been appointed. All our departments are going to be under the new guy. I hope it’s not some smartass from Harvard or Yale; I hate those ego maniacs.”

At that moment Megan realized the position was previously occupied by Claire’s ex-husband; it was obvious why he might have gotten fired.

Mr. Winslow continued, “I heard Ed was having an affair with his secretary. Some cliché huh? His wife found out and kicked his cheating ass out of the house. Good for her, women don’t need men like him, even more so when they are hot like her.”

Megan felt angry at his remark about Claire being hot. She didn’t like the idea of other people fantasizing about Claire. On the other hand, she was confused about why she felt that way; she and Claire had only had one encounter and they barely got to talk afterwards. She had no clue why her feelings were getting so strong towards Claire, why she felt the need to be with Claire.

Megan was so lost in thought that she did not realize that her boss had already started the meeting. She cleared her head and tried to focus on what was being discussed.

“I want to thank you all for making time to attend this meeting, I have an important and good piece of news to share with all of you. As you know, our CFO Mr. Ed Hooper has left the organization and the reasons for the same are known to you all, but putting all that in the past we will move forward and in order to do that we need a new CFO.”

All the employees were looking at Mr. Theodor as he explained the reason for the meeting. He paused for a moment, smiled and continued to speak, “I am more than pleased to introduce our new CFO,” he pauses again and points at the door which was right across him, “my daughter, Claire.”

Megan could not believe what she was hearing, her heart suddenly started to beat faster, she was not sure if should turn around and look. It had been three months since she had seen Claire, but her face remained fresh in Megan’s memory. Everyone started applauding as Claire entered the room. She walked to the podium where her father stood and hugged him. Megan was still not sure what to do, she started staring at her files, afraid to lift her head up and see Claire.

“Claire is more than qualified for the job and has worked with us in the past as most of you are aware of. She needed a break but now she is back to take over her responsibilities,” continued Mr. Theodor.

“Thank you father for the kind words. I hope that all of you would enjoy working with me and hopefully I would get to learn a lot from your experiences too,” Claire spoke softly but confidently.

Hearing Claire’s voice Megan could not stop herself from lifting her head and looking right at Claire. To her surprise Claire was looking right back at her. She looked lovely; her cheeks had a rosy blush on them, and she had this contagious naughty smile on her face that made Megan smile too. They both stared into each other eyes disregarding the people around them, lost in their own little world.

Mr. Theodor started speaking again, “Claire will be taking care of many departments which include accounts, logistics, IT, finance and strategy. I expect all the department heads to work closely with Claire and get her up to date with the current activities.”

Claire diverted her attention to the rest of the employees and said, “My assistant will be in touch with all of you regarding a one on one sessions with each department head.” She looked at Megan with that devilish smile and said, “I will begin with the strategy department, I hope that’s ok Megan?”.

At that point Megan was dumbfounded and could only nod her head in response to the question directed at her.

The meeting was dismissed and Claire was greeted by all the employees. She shook everyone’s hand and finally turned towards Megan. The smile on her face was driving Megan crazy, she wanted to kiss those lips, those red luscious lips, teasing her. She didn’t realize she was staring at Claire’s lips until Claire intentionally licked them slowly with her tongue. Megan looked at Claire with surprise, she had to control the urge to grab Megan and kiss her hard. Instead she just shook Claire’s hand and looked away.

Once everyone had left the meeting room, Claire asked her assistant to arrange the first meeting with Megan. She wanted to sort out their situation but wasn’t sure how. After meeting Megan, her life had turned upside down. More than her marriage falling apart, she had thought about Megan on her trip abroad. Her brain and heart struggled to figure out why she felt so attracted to Megan. Was it just sex? But if it was that, then she wouldn’t have missed Megan the way she did in the last three months. Up until she met Megan, there was no doubt in her mind that she was straight, but now she wasn’t sure anymore. The way she felt for Megan was stronger and more passionate than she had ever felt for any guy. Claire struggled for months trying to figure it out and finally gave up and came back home. Her decision to work with her father again was inspired only by her desire to get close to Megan and she simply didn’t understand why she was acting like a teenager; being irrational and childish, wanting to be with Megan one moment and in the other wanting to run away.

Claire stood in her office, near the window, staring at the empty sky when she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in” she said without turning.

“You wanted to see me?” It was Megan.

Claire let out an audible sigh, her mind was racing, and she turned around and looked right at Megan.

“Yes, I wanted to discuss some things with you, please have a seat” Claire said pointing at the sofa in her sitting area.

Megan had a few questions of her own she wanted to ask Claire but wasn’t sure if this was the right place or time to ask them. She sat across Claire and stared at the floor, her hands clutching the files she was carrying. Claire was the first one to talk.

“How have you been?”.

Megan didn’t know what to say. Should she tell Claire how much she missed her, how much she thought about her, about them. She feared Claire might not want to talk or see her again if she wasn’t comfortable with that discussion, so she avoided it altogether and replied, “I’ve seen better days. How was your trip?”.

“It was ok. Meg, may I call you Meg?” she continued without waiting for Megan to reply, “I do not want to beat around the bush. I was very vulnerable that day when we first met and what happened between us… Though I do not regret it, can’t happen again. I am straight, at least I think I am, and I can’t get into a relationship with you without being a hundred percent sure of myself.”

Hearing the word “relationship” a smile spread across Megan’s face. Now she knew that it wasn’t just her who was thinking about that day. She realized Claire had given an equal amount of thought to it. Claire saw the smile on Megan’s face and couldn’t help but smile herself. She got up from her seat and sat next to Megan.

“Why are you smiling?” she asked.

“I just feel happy that I wasn’t the only one going crazy thinking about what happened. I knew you were going through a rough time and figured I would be the last thing on your mind. But I am glad you are thinking about it, I mean about us. You can take as much time as you need and when you are ready to discuss it further, I will be right here.”

Claire felt relieved and happy at Megan’s remark. In her excitement she kissed Megan on the cheek, but the moment she realized what had happened she felt embarrassed and her own cheeks turned red. Megan on the other hand was enjoying the red blush on Claire’s face and decided to further brighten it by kissing Claire on the cheek, very slowly and gently.

“I hope we can be friends. There are a lot of things that I want to know about you and about being gay, and for some reason I feel very comfortable talking to you. There is no one else I can share these feelings with” Claire said with a sweet smile on her face.

“Sure, I am here for you. Was this all you wanted to talk about?” Megan asked.

“Mostly yes, I didn’t want you to think that I misused you under certain circumstances. What happened between us meant something to me, it made me realize things that I didn’t know about myself. I also realized that I really like you, but I am not sure about all of this at this moment in time” Claire clarified.

“So you are asking me to wait for you?” Megan asked again.

“I guess in a way. But I would understand if you didn’t want to.”

“I can wait, what happened between us meant something to me too. If you don’t mind can I suggest something?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Instead of running away from me and trying to figure things out by yourself maybe you should spend more time with me. It might help you realize things faster before anyone gets emotionally attached or something.”

“You mean like date you?”.

“Yes, like dating, we can go out, watch a movie, have dinner and you can get to know me better. I can even take you to some rad lesbian clubs” Megan winked at Claire making her giggle. “It might help you sort out your reservations about being gay too and most importantly, I won’t have to stay away from you.”

Claire was starting to like the idea. She thought there was no harm in going out with Megan, so why the hell not.

“But no funny business!” Claire announced with a huge grin on her face.

“Well that’s a grey area. We can discuss it over dinner tonight” Megan responded, acting cool.

They both laughed and suddenly the atmosphere in the room had changed, it no longer felt heavy and cloudy but more casual and friendly.

“Alright then. I’ll be leaving now. Be ready by 8, will come get you for dinner” Megan said while getting ready to leave.

“I’ll be waiting” Claire said, smiling uncontrollably.

They went on with their work, but the time didn’t seem to go fast enough. Both of them kept looking at their watches waiting for the hand to strike 8. Even while working, Megan couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation she had had with Claire. The way it had started had scared Megan; she thought Claire might never accept things and may try to avoid being around her altogether. But by the end of it, they both were happy about how things had turned out. It didn’t seem complicated at all.

Finally it was 8, Megan packed her stuff and ran towards the elevator. She pressed the button and waited. Even waiting for the
elevator seemed to bother Megan; she wanted to be with Claire again and anything that came in the way of it annoyed her. The elevator doors opened and Megan was more than happy to see Claire in it.

“I thought I was going to pick you up” Megan said while getting in the elevator.

“I figured it would be faster if I came to you” Claire replied.

The both were smiling from ear to ear and it seemed almost familiar for them to be together as a couple. They stood there in silence, looking everywhere except at each other. The sexual tension was as clear as day but neither of them wanted to do something that might scare the other person off. They finally reached the ground floor. Claire’s driver was waiting for her at the entrance with the car.

They decided to go to an Italian restaurant near the lake; it was a quiet place with in house music. They took the corner table near the balcony overlooking the lake, the full moon was visible in the clear sky. Everything about the restaurant screamed romantic, their dining room had beautiful flowers in each corner, beautiful female servers, soft violin played by an artist.

Megan would peek from her menu to look at Claire and every time she did, Claire was staring right back at her. They were acting like teenagers on their first date. They ordered some red wine and food. They got along well, their conversations were meaningful and funny. They had no idea how the time went by and soon it was almost time to leave.

Claire offered to drop Megan off at her home and Megan readily agreed. They talked throughout the drive home and still didn’t seem to get enough of one another. The car stopped in front of Megan’s building, they said their good byes and Megan almost left the car but suddenly turned back and asked Claire if she could get a goodnight kiss. Claire just stared at Megan without giving any response. Megan moved in and kissed Claire’s lips. She lingered on them for a few minutes, sucking on Claire’s lower lip and then moved back a little and tried to assess Claire’s reaction.

The moment their lips had met, a huge bolt of electricity went through Claire’s body. She held Megan’s face in her palms and pulled her closer for another kiss. This time the kiss was more intense, more passionate. Claire was kissing more aggressively, she even bit Megan’s lower lip hard enough to leave a mark. Their lips parted and tongues started exploring, it was getting intense. Finally Claire let go in order to catch her breath but her hands were still on Megan’s cheeks. She was enjoying the warmth of Megan’s skin; it felt good to be so close to her, to be able to kiss her if she wanted, bite and nibble on those soft lips. Claire stole one last short kiss and finally let go of Megan. Eventually Megan got out of the car and headed towards her apartment. She had a huge grin on her face, and she recapped the entire day in her mind which made her realize that she hadn’t felt this good in a long time.

A week had passed, both Megan and Claire were enjoying getting to know each other. They would meet every day for lunch and sometimes for dinner. Claire was starting to realize that she liked being with Megan, the feelings were undefinable. Initially she thought it was just the physical attraction but later came to realize that even when they weren’t having sex or kissing, she simply loved being with Megan. The way she talked, smiled, looked at Claire, everything she did made Claire skip a heartbeat. Claire even started having wet dreams about them. One of her dreams even involved restraints and a paddle, but that wasn’t even the weird part, the weird part was that Claire saw herself as the dominant one. She had always enjoyed being the passive one in bed, but Megan had awoken some strong feelings in Claire that she no longer could contain, even more so after having the vivid dream. She decided to call Megan home for dinner that night, hoping to get her hands on Megan’s sexy body.

Megan had graciously accepted the invitation and offered to bring wine. The moment Claire invited her the first thought in Megan’s mind was sex. She knew they were going to be alone, without any restrictions, it would be very difficult to control themselves from getting physical. She decided to be prepared either way, so she got home and took a long shower. Megan usually preferred wearing tomboyish clothes, but today decided to wear a dress. Her body was petite but she had curves in all the right places. She wore light makeup and got ready to leave. Claire had sent the driver to pick her up. He was waiting in front of Megan’s building.

Claire was jumping around the house trying to get everything ready. She had prepared Italian cuisine for her dinner date with Megan. She couldn’t sit or stand still due to all the excitement and anticipation for tonight’s date. She was in her bedroom checking herself in the mirror one last time before Megan arrived. Unlike Megan, she decided to wear jeans and a casual t-shirt. She checked her night stand to make sure the handcuffs were in place. Claire had been to a sex toy shop before coming home to get all the things she needed for tonight. Along with the handcuffs she bought a blind fold, a soft paddle, a strap on with an 8 inch vibrator, cherry flavored lube and some liquid dark chocolate. It was going to be a long night and Megan had no idea what was going to happen.

After a long wait Megan finally arrived, Claire greeted her with a peck on both cheeks. They sat in the living room and opened the bottle of wine Megan got for them. Claire served a plate of cheese and fruit to go with the wine. They sat facing each other on the huge couch, sipping their wine and discussing their day. After half an hour or so, they decided to have dinner. Claire lead the way to the dining room. They ate and talked about a lot of things including Megan’s ex- girlfriends and Claire’s ex- boyfriends. They felt really comfortable sharing their life stories with each other. After dinner they went back to the living room and sat on the couch really close to each other having their tiramisu chocolate mousse. While eating Claire said something funny which made Megan smudge a little of the mousse on the corner of her lips. She was about to clean it when Claire stopped and asked if she could do it instead.

She placed her dessert on the coffee table and leaned in towards Megan. She licked the chocolate off with her tongue then placed her hand on the other side of Megan’s cheek to turn her head so Megan’s lips would be directly in front of hers. She kissed Megan softly, tasting the sweetness and feeling the softness and warmth of her lips. Since Megan still had her dessert in her hand, she couldn’t hold on to Claire and kiss her harder. Claire sensed the slight awkwardness and paused for a second to let Megan free her hands. Claire quickly grabbed Megan’s face again with her palm and pulled her in closer for an aggressive kiss. Megan was a little surprised by Claire’s approach but was enjoying it none the less. Claire started sucking on Megan’s lower lip, she would suck hard then gently bite before letting go of the lip. Their tongues started exploring, Megan started sucking on Claire’s tongue but Claire wanted to take control, so she pulled her tongue out and then darted it back in Megan’s mouth catching her off guard and taking control of Megan’s tongue. She sucked Megan’s tongue into her own mouth and slowly started sucking and occasionally biting. After 15- 20 minutes they paused to take a breath, both were smiling at each other devilishly.

“I am surprised to see your enthusiasm today” Megan said to Claire.

“What can I say, you make me go crazy” Claire responded which made Megan blush a little.

“Megan, I wasn’t sure before about us, but after spending the last week with you I have come to realize that I truly have feelings for you, very strong feelings!,” Claire continued talking. “I want us to be together, as a couple. I want to take things further with you, would you be my girlfriend?”.

“Oh Claire, you have no idea how long I have waited to hear those words from you. I would love to be your girlfriend!!!” Megan said pulling Claire in for a hug.

“I want you Megan!” Claire said with desperation, “I have been burning up thinking about you, it excites me so much when I am around you; please let me make love to you.”

Megan responded by pulling Claire in for another passionate kiss. Their kisses were getting more aggressive and hungry. They were wrapped up in each other’s arms, pulling each other as close as possible. Claire pulled away for a moment and asked Megan “Do you trust me?” Megan responded with a nod. Claire stood up and pulled Megan up with her. “Come with me” she said. She took Megan to her bedroom and closed the door behind them. They stood near the bed and Claire started taking off Megan’s dress. She unzipped it and pulled it over Megan’s body. Claire started kissing Megan’s shoulders while holding her in tightly from behind. She whispered in Megan’s ear, “I am going to blind fold you now, I hope its ok?” Megan couldn’t speak a word, she simply nodded. Claire pulled out the blind fold from the drawer next to the bed. She tied it around Megan’s eyes without turning her around. Claire guided Megan to the center of the bed and laid her down on her back. She got on top of Megan and started kissing her neck and massaging her breasts over the bra. She was still wearing all her clothes but had stripped Megan to her bra and panties. Claire kissed Megan behind her ears and sucked on her ear lobes softly. She whispered again,” Can I tie your hands to the bed?” Megan was still speechless but nodded hesitantly.

Claire abruptly got off the bed and took out the handcuffs from the night stand. She carefully tied Megan’s hand above her head to the bed and gave her a small peck on the cheek. Megan was getting really wet with anticipation, none of her previous girlfriends had ever dominated her, this was an entirely new feeling for her and surprisingly she was loving it. She called out for Claire, “What are you up to, I had no idea you could be this naughty”. Claire got on top of Megan again and said “I had no idea either, but tonight we both are about to find out” Megan could feel Claire’s naked skin against her body. She couldn’t see but knew Claire took off her clothes. Claire started teasing Megan again, this time she kissed Megan’s lips first, sucked on them hard and licked them. Then she started licking Megan’s neck and sucking on the wet trail, she came down to Megan’s collar bone and started licking and sucking hard on it. It was driving Megan crazy, she was wiggling under Claire trying to make her stop.

But Claire was in the mood to have her way, she kept licking and sucking to her hearts content. Finally she decided to stop assaulting the collar bone and focus her attention on Megan’s breasts. With Megan’s help she took off the bra and gently licked around Megan’s nipples, making sure she doesn’t touch the nipple. Claire kissed Megan’s breasts all over but made sure she avoided the nipple, she wanted to save the best part for last. Megan on the other hand was getting impatient, she tried moving so her nipple would come in contact with Claire’s warm lips but Claire kept teasing. Claire kissed and licked between Megan’s breasts, then she took one nipple in her mouth making Megan gasp. She started sucking slowly, her hand was massaging the other breast and pinching the nipple. She alternated between sucking and biting Megan’s nipple. She repeated the same with the other nipple driving Megan crazy. Megan’s moans were getting louder, she wanted to grab Claire and kiss her hard but her hands were tied. Claire got up for a moment and was back again, suddenly Claire felt something cold and liquid dripping on her breasts.

“Ahh, that’s cold, what is it?” Megan asked.

“Its dark chocolate baby, just relax and enjoy” Claire responded.

Claire squeezed more chocolate on the breasts and kept the bottle aside, she started licking the breasts again, the chocolate had spread all over Megan’s breast, neck and stomach. Claire licked all over, some places she would put more pressure on her tongue while she licked, and some places she sucked instead of licking. She kept going lower until she reached between Megan’s legs. Out of nowhere she spanked Megan’s clit making her gasp sharply. She giggled and continued kissing Megan’s legs. Sucking on her inner thighs, licking and biting them. Megan was getting impatient, she wanted Claire to lick in between her legs; she was yearning for it. Claire could sense her partner’s urgency and decided to give her some relief. She spread Megan’s legs apart further and got really close to her pussy. She licked Megan’s clit with the tip of her tongue making Megan quiver and moan. Claire placed her hands under Megan’s knees and raised her legs from the bed giving her more access.

Claire placed her mouth on Megan’s clit and started sucking on it. She would switch between sucking, licking and sometimes biting. All the teasing and foreplay had already bought Megan too close, she was screaming in pleasure. Claire applied a little more pressure while sucking the clit making Megan cum hard in her mouth. She was persistently sucking while Megan felt the orgasm hit her hard.

Megan begged Claire to stop, which eventually Claire did. But she wasn’t done yet, since Megan’s clit was very sensitive at the moment she left it alone and concentrated her attention on penetrating her pussy. First she slid her tongue inside and licked the walls within, then started fucking Megan slowly with her tongue. Her motions were slow and deep, she would occasionally suck on Megan’s pussy lips too. Megan could feel her orgasm building up again, she was breathing so heavily her lips kept getting dry. She moaned and screamed Claire’s name when she bit her. Claire could feel Megan getting aroused again, she took her tongue out and replaced it with two fingers, her tongue worked on Megan’s clit again.

Claire was sucking and fucking Megan at the same time. Her fingers were working faster and harder with each moan that escaped Megan’s lips. Megan was so wet that Claire had no problems sliding one more finger inside. She filled Megan up with three fingers and maintained her fast and hard pace. Claire built a rhythm where she would pump her fingers in three time and then curl them up inside Megan’s pussy. Every time she curled her fingers, it hit Megan’s G-spot making her quiver and gasp. Claire was driving Megan crazy with her fingers and relentless licking and sucking of the clit. Megan felt her orgasm closing in, but she didn’t realize how hard it was going to hit her. Claire pushed her over the edge by inserting one more finger inside. Megan came hard, her whole body was shivering as waves of pleasure went through it; it took a few minutes for her to come down from that high.

Claire went up to Megan and removed her blind fold and handcuff’s. Megan took this opportunity to pull Claire to her and kiss her hard. She rolled her over and got on top of her, kissing her passionately. Claire didn’t think Megan would have the strength to do anything after the mind shattering orgasm she just had, but Megan proved her wrong. All the teasing and fucking had filled Megan with lust and passion which Claire was about to witness.

Megan took control of Claire’s mouth, her tongue was exploring and fucking it. Megan didn’t want to wait any longer, she wanted to be inside Claire. She raised Claire’s hands above her head and handcuffed them. With one leg she spread Claire’s legs apart and started massaging her pussy. Her mouth was still sucking on Claire’s, and her hand rubbing her clit vigorously. She let go of Claire’s mouth for a moment and sucked on her neck leaving a hickey. She licked her neck all the way up to her ear lobes and sucked on them copying Claire.

“Do you want me to spank you? You have been a very naughty girl today,” Megan whispered in Claire’s ear.

“Yes please,” Claire begged.

Megan instantly spanked Claire’s clit, softly at first, with every spank she applied more pressure and hit harder. After 5-6 spanks she roughly slid 2 fingers inside Claire, taking her by surprise. She started sucking on Claire’s lips again while her fingers fucked the hell out of Claire’s pussy. She was fucking Claire hard and fast, penetrating deeply with each thrust. Before she could insert another finger inside Claire’s orgasm hit her. Claire was breathing hard inside Megan’s mouth, her body was shaking with pleasure. Megan let go of Claire’s mouth once the orgasm subsided. She un-cuffed her hands and embraced her.

Both Claire and Megan were exhausted, but the lust and urge had not subsided.

“I had more things planned, but you drained the energy right out of me,” Claire managed to speak.

“What else did you have in mind?” Megan asked while nibbling on Claire’s neck.

“I got a strap on, with an 8 inch vibrator.” Claire giggled and replied.

“Oh, that sounds promising. How about you rest up a little and then I ravage you with it.” Said Megan.

“Alright, you rest with me too, ok” said Claire.

Claire slept in Megan’s arms, their bodies were intertwined, still naked.

Claire woke up in the middle of the night feeling something wet between her legs. She opened her eyes and rubbed them to see clearly. She saw Megan sitting in between her legs, wearing the strap on and squeezing the lube on Claire’s pussy.

“I was about to wake you up” Megan said with a grin on her face.

“Doesn’t look like it” Claire responded laughing.

“Well what can I say, sleeping next to you, our naked bodies rubbing against each other was driving me crazy, and I had to do something.” Megan explained.

“What are you waiting for then, fuck me already” Claire said pulling Megan closer and kissing her.

Megan placed Claire’s legs on her shoulder and started sliding the vibrator in. She thrust harder the second time forcing 3 inches to go in then leaned a little towards Claire and pushed it in even further. She withdrew the whole thing out and gave one hard thrust making Claire scream. Slowly she developed a rhythm and was pounding Claire harder and faster. Megan let go of Claire’s legs and got on top of her, she kissed and sucked on Claire’s neck. Her hips were moving steadily and slowly now, penetrating deeper inside Claire, while she sucked on her lips. Megan paused for a moment and turned the vibrations on, then thrust the strap on inside Claire again. Claire was digging her fingers on Megan’s back, trying to pull her closer, fill her up deeper. Megan’s breasts were rubbing up against Claire’s, their nipples were getting hard. Megan increased her pace, she was enjoying the friction and vibration of the strap-on against her clit. They could feel their orgasm building up, which made them more aggressive. Claire’s orgasm hit first, she could feel the pleasure go through her entire body. Listening to her moan and scream, Megan came too, she pumped even harder while cumming.

After the orgasm subsided Megan got off Claire and laid next to her, she pulled her in for a hug and kissed her lips softly.

“I hope you enjoyed” She asked Claire.

“Mmmmhmmmmm more than enjoyed.” Claire replied.

“I will let you sleep now” Megan said kissing Claire on the forehead. “But I can’t promise I won’t wake you up again in the morning with an orgasm” she added with a wink and a grin on her face.

“I would actually love that” Claire replied and hugged Megan hard.

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