The Handy Guide To Having Erotic Adventures…Safely

When we speak about ethical non-monogamy, people often assume that it is a riskier way of relating to one another than monogamy. On the contrary, it can be a liberating way of experiencing intimacy with the myriad folks you meet along the way of life. Each relationship develops its own pattern of bonding, sharing, and companionship, and is peppered with elements of friendship, romance, and sex in different measures. None of these relational experiences are comparable and each of them is cherished in its own right.

[In collaboration with Imbesharam]

Wrapping up our collaboration with @inapurupriate and @imbesharam with this guide to erotic play without compromising on one’s safety – emotional, physical or any other kind. This guide is affirmative of disabled, neurodivergent and queer experiences that challenge the cis-het narrative around sex, thereby liberating it for your exploration and consensual pleasure.

About the guest author


I am a lawyer-turned-sexuality educator and POSH Trainer. I have been researching, creating modules and teaching CSE workshops for young people between the ages of 6-25 years, their parents and educators, in addition to conceptualizing and facilitating courses addressing themes of pleasure activism for women for over four years. I work with young adults to enable them to understand and comply with anti-harassment workplace laws. I’m also the founder of Bibliotherapy – A safe space for healing through reading and psychoeducation. I work at the intersections of gender, sexuality, safety, body neutrality, and identity, and their interplay with emotional well-being and social justice.