Cali Rulez : No On Prop 8

First of all, Yay! to the Judge who overthrew Prop8 and has written the judgement with such a conviction that everyone is hopeful there is a good chance that it will have a positive effect should it go all the way to the supreme court.

The most important aspect is the defeat of the bigots – the diabolical plot pitched in by the FLDS and the Catholics and the NOM and all the other homophobic morons to basically negate a fundamental right of 2 human beings. (Guess He condones the numerous accounting irregularities by the FLDS church towards this cheap cause). As they say, if the majority were allowed to vote on freedom, there would have been no women’s rights; slavery and casteism would have existed to this day in its all legal and nasty form. That is why a lot of countries like India have what is called a Republic. Every human treated equally in the eyes of the state. I find it pathetic a group of self righteous morons pick themselves upon to render judgement upon others lives and others right to live. So much arrogance that they think, they know best.

So what’s next …

It was quite well known in advance that the defeated party would appeal to the Federal appeals court and if it upholds the decision , it will proceed to the Supreme Court. As I understand, if it fails in the appeals court as it did at Nebraska a couple years back, then the Supreme court could deny taking it up. That said, public opinion is that the Judge who pronounced the judgement has written it specially geared to the sway votes in the supreme court.

So what’s in it for us?

I am jubilant because I like others would love to celebrate my freedom and celebrate others’ too. It is a big legal change and living at a place and time where history is being made and being a part of it definitely makes me proud. The best part is this could have a long impact for the rest of America and could pretty much set a precedence to the fights elsewhere.

And why Cali rulez?

This is the World’s 7th largest economy or at least until the last time I checked *wink*. This place is filled with diversity, has had immigrants come in over the last 100+ odd years, still has people from across the globe flowing in, and as a result has produced a very unique, tolerating, accepting and living on the edge culture. An atmosphere found in very few places around the world with its insatiable sense to be creative and think differently.

Talking to most of my straight friends in the November of 2008, they were as disappointed and disgusted as me  over the passing of Prop 8. For us, it was a common fight towards equality and shunning out our differences and embracing our diversity.  To me that is what makes us human. With such amazing people here, I can only say things will have and will always be unique here. And that is why Cali rulez!

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