My Favourite Colour

you are my favourite colour
i wrote this about you
a long time ago
after professing love
unsure still of what that meant
if anything at all
around a time of uncertainty
a delicate balance of want and need
life and desires
but i knew it made sense
even as the language denied so
one that I’ve co-opted
one that has always been late to recognition
of our kind
our lives
still a recent birth in the linguistic legacy
still evolving
and so i’ll wait
for the words to have meaning
to be deciphered by another rational
until then, they’re good
just as you are
my favourite colour

This story was about: Sexuality

One thought on “My Favourite Colour

  1. So what is that colour?? I guess every colour tells a story. Mine is blue.. like the never ending seas that appear calm on the surface; but turbulent inside

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