Poem: Thirst

Artwork by Anjali Kamat

With every heavy breath of mine,
Eyes were sparkling shine,
Every breeze of your memory scent,
Was whispering the thirst to hold you tight, to smell you, lick you everywhere,
and to give you the gift of my love bite.
Not the painful one but the butter soft, at your name tattoo, on your right.
and to catch every heartbeat of yours to the infinity inked on you, so bright.
As our bodies cuddle from head to toe,
Promise every rub of mine, will compel you to bestow all tiny feathers inked on your leg to my show, and my desire for you will bloom and bow.
Your soft rosy lips were not leaving my sight,
So juicy to claim every drop of it mine.
Every kiss of yours was touching my soul,
and the butterflies were giggling at our tryst.
My fingers were dancing on you, as yours was entangled to the curls of mine.
It was so tempting to both of us to reach the love ripples and longing of it at our first sight.
This was my sweetest dream about you at this hour of the night.

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