Gender Bender : The Stay-At-Home Dad

Daddy At Home

Imagine a hunk with a stubble running through the parking lot with the kids in tow on the grocery cart, all this on a week day after noon so he can beat the crowds.  The rest of the afternoon the apron-clad, stay-at-home dad spends his time baking cookies with his kids. He is extremely confident of his own sexuality and is not deterred by a still-at-large patriarchal societal views that a man should be a bread winner, OMG! I find it all extremely sexy. Ok, I know, I find every gender stereotype breaking stuff sexy.

As much as some straight women complain about their husbands laziness to contribute towards their daily chores, which unfortunately I have seen in a few cases, I am seriously wondering if they will be comfortable in living a life with stay-at-home husbands. Will that parents and in-laws stop viewing it in a funny way but rather accept that their son/son-in-law is someone who wants to stay at home and raise a family while their daughter is the one who brings the dough.  Will, they be proud to say that he is a stay at home dad by choice and they are comfortable under their skin to accept it as a possible and good choice. I wish they do.

I found this article really great about confessions from a stay-at-home dad [Link]. While the idea of a stay-at-home dad is still novel, one thing that worries me is, the fundamental reason for such a decision seems to be the loss of a job.  Why is it tough for society and in a way people themselves to accept that dads, husbands and families can and should be able to make a conscious decision to stay at home while their womenfolk can make a home run as a career women? If feminism is all about equality and the ability to accept the choices made by a women, shouldn’t the womenfolk extend the same idea to accept what a man’s choice would be? My point is rather how many of us would be able to accept this gender bender in society – now and for later …

Disclaimer: Gaysis, I remain loyal to my sexuality but I still find an apron clad , cookie baking,  stay-at-home dad extremely sexy

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