Sunday Highs : Yaariyan With GB Present Book Reading & QA With Ninad Jog

Yes, Yaariyan was taking a break, and it was quite well deserved but now we’re back and we’ve got a whole bunch of treats for you to start off the summer.

We’re kick starting this year’s Yaariyan calendar with a lovely book reading event with our dear friend and an amazing story teller, Ninad Jog.

He will be reading passages from his recent book, The tiny world of Vinod Sanye; which chronicles the exploits of a boy named Vinod, and paints a vivid picture of life in his community in early 1970s Pune, India. Often taunted for being a sissy, Vinod likes to wear a dot on his forehead and have henna painted on his hands. While his parents, Hemant and Smita Saney, argue over which preschool to enroll him in, Smita balances her aspirations and disappointments, and yearns for something more than the mundane life of an ordinary housewife.

Brilliantly evocative and infused with warmth and wry humor, the short stories from The Tiny World of Vinod Saney offer compelling portraits of adult and child perspectives, and provide a panoramic view of India’s social landscape.

So this Saturday, come over to the Humsafar Trust to listen to this amazing story over a cup of chai and some friendly banter with your favourite bunch of people – US! 😉


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